Twisted, white, and stunted new growth

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  1. So, everything was going great, then over the course of about two weeks, around 8 weeks in, things went to shit. Plant basically stopped growing vertically and the new growth was very skinny, twisty on the ends and just not healthy looking.

    In fear I had nute lock out, I flushed with 3 gallons PHd water. Then nuted at half strength. The next few days she grew an inch or so but I haven't seen any improvement in new growth. It's been a week since I did the flush.

    Another thing was I was using distilled with every watering, nutes and no nutes, so was thinking it's a Fe/Zinc/mag deficiency. Obvi I have no clue.

    I PH the water to 6.3.
    400W HPS, closed ventilation
    Soil, 3 gallon smart pot
    Leaf temps at top of canopy 76
    Humidity 50%

    Attached some pics. Any help would be very appreciated.

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  2. Curious. how long are your lights on and off..?
    Is she a Photo or an Auto?
    How old and tall is she?
  3. I switched to 12/12 two days ago, she's 12 inches tall, and she's a photo.

    She's now 9 weeks old. I manifolded and trained a decent amount.

    Hibiscus Sunrise is the strain.
  4. AhHa..I thought it might be so..Looks like pre-flowers maybe??
    Feminized seeds I hope!
    Make sure you are using Nutes for bloom and not for flower..WATCH FOR THE UPCOMING "STRETCH"..
    You will not believe how fast she grows..sometimes 2"-3" per day!!
  5. Hmmmmm, it just doesn't look like healthy growth though. Shouldn't it be leafing still like normal?

    I'm using Tiger Bloom and Grow Big. Following Fox Farms nute schedule at 1/2 strength.
  6. If you just switched to 12/12, it probably is normal..It should be exploding very shortly..Like Jacky and the beanstalk..LOL.
    Plz keep us posted..
    In case you need it in the is a neat chart for you..
    I also recommend Backstrap Molasses every other feeding..10ml per gallon..
  7. Yea, this was happening prior to 12/12. I prob shouldn't have turned them.
  8. Oh crap, I didn't know that! Were they at 18/6 or??
    Now I have no idea what is happening..Oh and I forgot the chart for you..LOL..Here:
    Nute Problems.jpeg
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