Twisted seedling — what would you do?

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    First off, my name is @OZs_786 — go by O.Z. , or just Z for short.
    I’ve been around on this forum for a few months just looking for personal experiences and honest opinions from people. Along with furthering my never-ending learnings on growing.
    My question today is, what would you do with your twisted sprout? I know some of you would cull it then be done but would you do anything different?
    Question is of the fact that I got a little baby sprout that had trouble shedding it’s hull. In an effort of doing so, I believe. She got twisted up by the stem somehow and the growth got weirdly uneven. Had two first leaves and a weird really wispy one that wasn’t really a leaf at first. One of the first leaves even seemed upside down and has a contour on the UNDER SIDE .(???)
    Anyways I cut the wispy leaf just to see if it would help root growth. And so far she is going on. I have a second leaf set with one that has just 3 leaves (1 main other 2 on sides— nothing out of the ordinairy. But the other has an indefinite duck foot. No 2 side leafs. Just duckfoot. Lol.
    Anyways, it seems the little leaves are coming out, but are definitely are smaller then the other side. New growth seems okay.
    Would you say a twisted stem would be okay though? She’s definitely standing up, but just looks like she had a break or like she got crimped and over came it. Would you say it’s safe to say she’s safe? Haha.
    Kind of want to run her still just to experiment.
    What would you do?
    Smaller leaves seem to be on the new growth. Not on the duckfoot.
    Duckfoot is just a duckfoot. Lol.
  2. Keep her going. Some of my slow starters have turned out to be my best plant.
    At least then you'll know if it was genetics or the hull incident.
  3. I think I’ll do the same, thanks. I believe the breeders themselves said it was this batch of seeds that just has harder seed hulls. I think that was just the issue.
    Appreciate the reply brother

    Unfortunately no. I don’t plan on uploading any pics til after my grow. I have an iPhone. (There’s a thread on that :cautious::cautious::confused_2:)
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