Twisted leaves. Stunted growth

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    Hello. My first time posting. But have pulled a lot of useful info from here. This is my second grow and I’ve been having issues from the go.

    I have 6x ninja fruit cuttings that I acquired three months ago and I really should be close to harvest now and they are not even close to flip. I overwatered from the start and had low humidity 20-30 and most likely gave my roots issues, so I decided to wait it out and try to outgrow the issues. They have only recently started to get their true leaf colour and starting to grow a bit faster. But as you can see in the pics attached, three months of veg and they’re tiny, also they have a lot of twisted distorted leaves.

    I also have 6x stardog cuttings I recently acquired and they are also having issues. Leaves turning dark purple and stunted growth. These are 5 weeks old and look no bigger than when I got them.

    600w hps light
    5” fan and filter.
    1x 12” osc fan pointing above canopy towards the light
    Temp 20-24 Celsius
    Humidity 50-70
    Medium - coco
    Nutes - bio bizz grow (2ml per litre)
    Water - every other day
    PH - 6-6.5

    Any help is much appreciated.


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  2. Whats the ppm or ec of the feed mate?
    Need to feed coco every day to run off or you get salts build up and ....well that happens lol.
    Run some of your usual nutes through and collect the first bit of run off. Check the ppm/ec of that and youll be able to see it. The ph will be off aswell.
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    I have always made sure I have run off as I did notice the white salt scale atop of my coco during the start of the grow. Since then I’ve had no salt build up. I’m only using the liquid PH tester and no pen so unable to get a ppm reading (I’ll buy one soon).

    Also I have just repotted the ninja fruit to the final pots. Will I get enough run off from just feeding in the middle? As I don’t want to soak all the coco until further growth to prevent overwatering.
  4. Drown that coco. You can’t over water it unless you packed it in with no perlite and a compactor.
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  5. Yeah you gotta saturate the full pot every day mate. Its definately salt build up giving you grief. Only way you can see it is with a ppm meter. Theyre only a tenner on amazon though. The cheapy ones are sound. Jusy dont buy the cheap ph pens. Youd be better off guessing.
    Check the ph of the first run off too. Youll see thats not what goes in iether.
    Need to up the volume and probably lower the dose. What dose does biobizz say to give for full strength?
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    Ok cheers for the help! I’m using canna coco and as far as I’m aware there’s no perlite. Can this not cause issues with over watering? As I have just repotted these the roots are sat very tightly in the middle. With a good bit of coco around them. Will the moisture get taken in from the parts where the roots aren’t reaching the outer coco?

    with regards to feed. They are getting 2ml per litre of water of bio bizz grow. I use a 2l measuring Jug which I add 4ml of feed too. On the feeding chart wk 1 of veg = 1ml per litre and wk 2 = 2ml per litre. I’ve read less is more with nutes. I do feel like I may be over feeding them? I also have some alg-a-mic from bio bizz. To help sick plants. Was saving this for flower stage. Would you suggest trying a bit during the veg to help these sick plants?

    Also I have purchased some Buddha tree nutes (a and b plus pk) as I want to move away from organic. Would you suggest I just start using these straight away and sack off the bio bizz?

    lastly, I’m going to struggle to get enough tap water that has been sat for 24 hours to feed all of my plants with plenty of run off. So, would
    I be ok using water straight from the tap whilst I’m trying to fix this issue?

    thanks again!
  7. Yeah the PH on the run off is way too high! Yikes
  8. Your temp is to low as Well, Aim for At least 26-28 celcius during lights on.
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  9. Got to say a big thank you for the advice you offered. Within less than a week the health of all of these has drastically improved. Normal growth in terms of speed and the leaves are all at their correct colour with no signs of burn or deficiencies. All I’ve done is increased the volume of water going through and decreased the amount of nutes. I owe you big time. Thanks a lot for your help!
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  10. The power of TRUE humanity............why doesn't the news report more stories like this?!?!?!

    Yeah I know the was rhetorical.....;)

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