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  1. Hey guys, first time posting here. I usually just browse until I find my answer, but I can't get this problem pinned down. These seedlings are about 2 weeks old from sprout and they just don't seem to be growing right. It kind of looks like overwatering, but I don't top feed and their are roots in the water with an air gap. I saw on another post somewhere about twisted growth and leaves growing on top of each other, possibly being mites.

    I did have a few light leaks that I pinned down yesterday and cleaned the entire res with h2o2 (stones also) and sprayed the roots with a light mixture of h2o2.

    Lights: Cree3590 COB LEDs 3500k x 4 (running around 36-50 watts, haven't figured it out yet) @ 24" at 3/4 brightness
    Room temp: 70-78 degrees F (70 at lights out)
    RH: Low 45% High 70% - (Generally its 45-50)
    Res Temp: 68 degrees
    pH: 5.8
    PPM: 370 (Use tap water, which is 120 ppm out of the faucet)
    Strains: Blueberry and Girl Scout cookies

    - I use the GH flora grow series, I add the micro first, then grow then bloom. at 1/4 tsp per gallon
    - Hydroguard @ 2ml/gal
    - Recently added SM-90 yesterday at 1 tsp/gal (I've heard it defeats the purpose of Hydroguard, while I also saw that the company stated they work together)

    Before lights out yesterday, I mixed 1 part SM-90 to 5 parts of tap water and sprayed the tops and bottoms of leafs really well incase it is mites. I also have some neem oil and azamax on the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I just keep dumping money and can't pinpoint the problem.

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  2. pH is at 5.8 and my PPM is 370. My tap water is around 120 ppm, so about 250 ppm of nutes/hydroguard/sm90/any ph down residuals

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