Twisted deformed new growth, and leaves burning

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by greenpeace, Aug 6, 2017.

  1. IMG_20170806_131743.jpg IMG_20170805_170714.jpg Dear growers

    I have attached some photos of my plant.
    I have no idea as to why it is growing the way it is and burning up
  2. looking like to strong feed ,,,but i may not be right but that what it looks like ,,,,some else here at GCmay know different ..mac..
  3. @mactheman

    I doubt it over feeding because i am feeding it ff trio but very less from the prescribed dosage like 2ml in 4 litres
    And once in a week or so

    What line of action do you suggest?
  4. Zinc def? potassium def? russet mites? I'm not sure. But hopefully these clues could help you in research[​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. what soil are you growing in ,,it may have been a bit hot as it may have had nutes add to the mix that you bought in the shop,,and plant might not have used what nutes were in your planting mix before you fed the plants ,,thus when you fed them what nutes that were left in soil mix over dosed you plant/s ...mac,
  6. @mactheman

    I understand and agree with you.
    But my growing medium is just coco coir and perlite
    I am using ff trio pack, but the one for soil
    Its a jock horror
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  7. What's the temps and humidity?
    What type of light are you growing under?
    Do you have good air circulation?

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  8. Did you spray this with neem oil or something along those lines during the day?

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