Twist And Shout! Why Are My Seedlings Doing This?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by buddydro, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. So I go to check the babies this morning and I notice a few have twisting leaves. :confused: The leaves are not crispy. Can anyone help me out with this. Thanks in advance. buddy

    Age - 8 days

    Strain- Auto AK 47 and Auto AK 47 x Hindu Kush

    Medium- 3/1 Perlite vermiculite mix in 32 oz Hempy cups

    Feed-PH adjusted tap water. Trickle on every other day until runoff comes out of my Hempy hole.

    I gave them 1/4 strength mix of B1 green thrive and Root 66 from Technoflora 2 days ago. This was to stimulate roots, no NPK of any sort.

    Lights- 2 48" flourescent - I started them on 24/7and yesterday was the first 20/4

    Temps- 70-80 RH 40-60

    They will be moving soon to the 600 watt HPS. I put a test batch of 6 seedlings in there yesterday and they appear to be liking it. I was going to move these too, but these twisiting leaves realy concern me and I don't want to stick them under the big sun until I figure this out.

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