Twin Purple Suns over a little dirt patch aka GLH 290(x2) by MtHigh.

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  1. After finally clearing all the refuse (600W HPS) and weeds (Blue Cheese) out of my little
    dirt patch
    (a bedroom closet where I grow in something akin to Super Soil) I was able to install the
    Twin Purple Sun generators
    (GLH Spectra 290's) over the field that was freshly plowed
    (thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed closet).

    The chore was tiring for this aging, broken body...but was much aided by the
    medicine grown secretly in my little dirt patch
    (buzzed as I write this if you can't tell:smoking: ).
    Am hoping the scavenged alien technology (GLH Spectra 290's) will aid me in growing
    more of my special medicines than ever
    . (Big Buddha Cheese and Super Lemon Haze)

    Onto a more serious note. I am gonna do my best to test the effectiveness of using two of GLH's Spectra 290's to replace and hopefully improve the penetration and yield from the same 600 watts I normally would use from a single HPS light. From all the grows I am seeing I believe added frostiness will be a given, but lets see if it translates to weight too. I am hopeful, these lights are so bright as to be dizzying within seconds without dark glasses and after a short time even with them on.

    I am gonna try to keep as many variable the same as my last few grows of these strains just for consistency sake, what I have been doing has been working pretty well. I use a Super Soil of my own mix with some inexpensive Time Release nutrients added for fuel in stretch. I will be using 4 gallons pots with one single 5 gallon pot I grew my last Cheese in. This is a personal test to see how much difference pot size makes to yield.

    I am growing 2 x Big Buddha Cheese (8th generation clone I believe) and 1 x Super Lemon Haze (6th or 7th generation clone, not sure) as I am very familiar with these girls and know they are stable and know they like my nutrient schedule.

    I upcan from beer cup through 3 more sizes to reach their final pot to create a finer root system. The clones I just put under a single Spectra 3 days ago are a few days in their cup in the cloner to help them root a bit before fighting my extremely dry climate (minimize the number of shocks at one time)..been 16% humidity regularly lately.

    I will do my best to answer questions but as far as technical info goes...I got the lights, chains and power cords...nothing else. Those would better be directed to Mike. Maybe someday he will make an appearance in this thread and give the current technical specs on the lights I have. All I know is they are very bright and put out a fair amount of heat but no where is really hot that you can touch.

    On to the pictures for those of you who dislike reading and will cuss me out regularly for my long posts....:smoke:

    I won't put up too many pink Canon can compensate and get rid of the pink...unfortunately the lights have little or no green in them so they look dark colored in the adjusted pics.

    Here are the clones I am using unadjusted in full pink light.

    And my camera can adjust for the color and walla...almost normal looking.

    And here they are today (3 days later almost).

    Thought I would show you my last two pre-harvest pics to let you know what I am hoping these lights will improve on.

    My Super Lemon Haze.

    And My Big Buddha Cheese.

    I hope you all enjoy my journal. I love taking pictures and hope ya'll don't mind me posting a few.:smoke:
  2. I turned on the second 290 to see if the babies can take both. Thought I would show their config and my grow space.

  3. I wanted to show you all what I am talking about with the internodal distances.

    I kinda thought Cheese was stretching, but I believe it's growth (height-wise) is probably close to normal. What made it look that way was the short internodal distances happening in my SLH... It hasn't even been growing the same way at has been making me think I have 3 Cheeses on accident...til I look at it's stalk...and the first transplant photo's.

    See look at when I first transplanted them. The SLH was clearly taller.

    And now look at them.

    Wonder what is going on? The roots are as full on the SLH as the Cheese next to it...both appear healthy...must be the light spectrum or she is coiling ready to leap.
  4. Veg girls are well...vegging. And I noticed them complaining a bit and I always use that complaining (yellowing bottom leaf) as time to give them more space. Usually fixes the problem pretty fast.

    These were the clones roots before doing their transplants.

    And here they are after getting watered in (not too heavy), back under their purple sun.

    The little Cheese isn't ready yet...don't want to make a weak root system and patience is the best nute. :smoke:
  5. The little girls are really starting to grow well, this is day 9 of veg.



    The SLH is starting to actually look a bit more like herself now, she just wanted more room!
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    LED veg update time...the girls are going crazy. Even Runtzilla is taking off...just a few days behind the other Cheese. Super Lemon Haze is obviously SLH now...and a brute if I ever seen one.

    I have a contingency plan in case she progressively falls farther behind though... It was either butcher or give away my King's Kush and it smells way too good (very strong odor) for that. If Runtzilla doesn't catch up, that Kush will have to pinch hit in her is bigger and happy and won't fit into my veg cabinet anymore...even topped her and she just laughed.

    She gets a transplant later today...she is rootbound.
  7. It is update day for my journal...[​IMG]

    Two of these in veg are doing really well, I have never vegged under this many watts so not sure what to expect, but my girls seem to be extremely happy with the exception of King's Kush who looks to still be acclimatizing to her new environment, not unhappy, just not as happy as the other two yet.

    Warning the following is a is my believe she has more foliage than her root system can properly "pressurize" ATM and is working on roots (diving into the new pot) and when she pops her fine feeders on the secondaries she is currently growing, she will spread her canopy to catch as much energy as possible, as the soil is hot in this transplant stage so she can acclimatize before her bloom transplant so that transplant is painless. It might take a few more days for her to get fine feeders established...or has on this transplant stage with other girls.

    I spread her branches out a bit and untangled her foliage, which is keeping them spread out better.

    Here is my King's Kush this morning.

    I am waiting til she does the leaves straight out and am happy smiley face at me for the sign to tie her down.

    My other two girls on the other hand are loving these lights. This is their 15th day under them.

    My Big Buddha Cheese is absolutely dense with nodes everywhere, I don't think she has ever been this happy in any prior generation.

    Both these girls have completely recovered from their basic LST and I am gonna give them a few more days before I continue the process.

    And my Super Lemon Haze....I love how big she grows her foliage, especially as it is coming out of the top.

    And a parting shot of all my girls, looks like at least a couple more weeks of veg before I can flip them to bloom. King's Kush should be a monster by then.

    I welcome visitors...[​IMG]
  8. I'm tuning into this grow for sure, I am fairly confident that I will be purchasing two Spectra 180s or 1 spectra 290. Just not sure which yet. This grow, so far, is only concreting my confidence in GLH lights even more!
  9. It has been going very well, never seen growth like this in veg, but also have never vegged under this much light.

    It has been fun for me to watch too. Silly SLH likes watered more than once a day already...think she wants more room again...:cool:

  10. That's exactly what I like to here. This will be my first indoor grow and if all goes well I will gladly boast that I have never used an HID. My conditions just don't really allow for it anyways. Best of luck man, I can't wait to see how they preform during flower.
  11. Thanks carbon, I appreciate the good vibrations!!!

    It is time for an update!

    My "little" girls in veg under these two alien suns (Spectra 290's by GLH) are doing very well.

    The Super Lemon Haze and Big Buddha Cheese are growing at a crazy rate with all this usable light pressure. It won't be long before I LST them again and tie my King's Kush up for the first time, I am sure they will be done before next update.

    My King's Kush today...almost at full mast with her foliage. She is almost completely recovered from her transplant into my hot soil mix.

    My Super Lemon Haze is really unfurling some sail...

    And my Big Buddha Cheese is a happy bush.

    My little patch of dirt.

  12. I know I put up a lot of updates, but this was LST night...will wait awhile after this one as all these girls do from here
    is grow then get put in a bigger pot and untied and 12/12 started. I am figuring by the 1st I should be flipping them. Probably won't post another update til then.

    Here is my final tie down typical styles.

    My Super Lemon Haze tied up.

    My Cheese tied up.

    And my closet reorganized and I made the decision to not LST my King's Kush at all, it is already pretty bushy.

  13. Thought I would put up a little update. 12/12 is not too far away.

    My girls are all doing well. Thought I would note that Cheese got a little upset
    dealing with the acclimatization to my mix and the LST and couldn't get enough
    magnesium to support her growth. So she started pulling it out of some of the
    lower leaves...and fast. So I threw a little Epsom salt in a gallon of water and I
    noticed her runoff was a tiny bit over 7 so I figured she will only push that higher
    in veg so I phed her water to around 6.3 to pull her down .4 or so. She
    responded very well to my bandaid, but you can see a bit of the battle on a few
    of her lower leaves. Her next few waterings will be at 6.3 to pull her down to
    6.5 to finish veg.

    My BBCheese.

    And my Super Lemon Haze is really happy, but wierd. Sativa's sometimes fight
    LST's and while she isn't getting sick, she just choose not to bend some of her
    stalks back yet, still growing them out sideways even after tie down is gone.
    She didn't suffer much in the transplant.

    And my King's Kush is really looking pretty to me (like a shrubbery). I have to
    turn her every night because of her vertical placement so she is filling in her
    foliage below too.

  14. The time has come for me to start the blooming cycle. It is exactly 1 month from when I transplanted the rooted clones into cups. I have never vegged even close to this fast. Downside of fast is problems come fast too....

    Well here they are on their first night of 12/12. Timer is set for this to be their first day of bloom.

    I think they are doing pretty well and are ready to rock and roll.

    Big Buddha Cheese.

    My Super Lemon Haze.

    And my Kings Kush.

    And Bloom begins!
  15. Thought I would take pictures least two of them are gonna get
    transplants very soon into their final pots. The Kings Kush is root bound and
    doesn't care, but I want her to have more space. But my Cheese is rootbound (I
    think from the root intrusions into the drain holes) and does care...she tried
    firing off a leaf last night. I gave her some OC+ water. Have a watering can
    rigged with a stocking hanging it it with perlite and decent dose of OC+ in it. I
    will fill it with water and that will pull the OC+ that leached onto the perlite and
    stocking into the water. Always seems to be a pick me up for the girls when
    they get hungry. I don't do it very often as I actually think it gives a pretty good
    dose...but not sure.

    Here is my Memorial Day update.

    Big Buddha Cheese.

    Super Lemon Haze.

    King's Kush

    And all little dirt patch.

    Have a blessed Memorial Day! :hello:
  16. I did a transplant on my King's Kush tonight, not because she complained but it
    was just Cheese will be dry enough tomorrow morning for her
    transplant and my SLH gets a few more days, she was in a slightly bigger pot.

    I thought I would show my safe transplant technique and another thing I do
    most of the time...mounding. I always try to let the top fo the transplant be
    above the new soil...she can then dive outward and downward (the way roots
    naturally grow) right from the top. This develops a strong upper root system for
    oxygenation of the overall plant which is 1/2 of the "basic" fuel that drives the
    overall plant energy. I feel it minimizes stall time after heavy watering that these
    girls need later in bloom when they are drinking a gallon a day.

    Onto the transplant pics and enough of the rambling I tend to do...

    Here is the basic your transplant with the plants pot still on so you can
    pack the soil well without stressing the roots and make a stable cavity to drop
    the plant into.

    And here she was with the pot off...happy girl. Should explode into the new
    soil since she is already use to it...she was watered in with ph 6.5ish water and
    transplant dose of Superthrive.

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    This is my regular update day for the girls, in case you are checking on how the girls are doing under these purple suns.

    My Cheese is doing really well. She got fed Great White, Epsom salts, and the water was phed to 6.5.
    She sure was happy to be set free of her spreading out to fill her space now.

    Super Lemon Haze on this 6th day of 12/12. When/If I let her free when I transplant her tonight (wasn't dry enough yet) she will be uncontrollable I fear.

    And lastly my Kings this thing smells great!

  18. looks good man. Looking nice and healthy for sure.

    They look great after the switch especially. I love when all the shoots reach for the sky.

    GL with the purple suns.
  19. Yeah, this growth rate has been really good and yeah I love when they reach for the sky,

    Thanks brother, I don't get many visitors so I really appreciate the good vibes. :D
  20. Hey man! Girls are looking amazing! Real healthy! I've been watching your journal from the start. Gotta support my dudes at MileHigh! :D

    Keep up what you doing cuz your all over it!

    Peace brotha!

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