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  1. Hey blades, how many of you are into Twin Peaks? I just started it up recently with my girlfriend, got my roommate into it too. I feel like it's in the top five most creative and original tv shows of all time. I'm only halfway through season 2, so don't spoil it!
    Also, the soundtrack is fucking AMAZING. I have it on my itunes hah.

  2. Ahh hell yes! Twin Peaks is incredible, probably the best show I've ever watched. Are you familiar with David Lynch's work? If you aren't then expect to be totally mindfucked by the finale. I won't spoil anything but its about the second half of season 2 when the story takes a big turn which a lot of people didn't like, but I think made the story even more interesting.
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    Hell yeah dude, I've watched Dune (extended :( ) but the extended supposedly pissed off Lynch. I mean to watch Eraserhead and Blue Velvet soon. I love Kyle Mclachlan, he shows up in a lot of Lynch work from what I've seen, and he's just so damn quirky!
    I feel like people get pissed it turned from a murder mystery to a supernatural sort of show, but in my opinion it was always supernatural, surreal and dream centered, which is just what Twin Peaks is.
    Plus love the cameo of Muller from the Xfiles (even though I never watched that series). Er, I think xfiles came after, unsure.
  4. Oh yes! Loved twin peaks. Watched it without knowing they canceled it and ended up soo bummed after watching how it ended. What a fucking cliff hanger!

    Blue velvet was fucked up but soo good. Hopper was fucking diabolical!

    The twinpeaks movie was meh since lynch didn't want to really finish the show with it by its a must see for those that liked the show.
  5. Very good David Lynch doing a tv series. The imagery and surrealism.

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    Just finished the show last night, and I couldn't sleep because my mind was stuck on the finale. Jesus christ man, it's like the more I think about it, the more I'm like.... Damn....
    I need to watch Fire Walk with Me!
    And did y'all know the actress who played Audrey was in a frickin Playboy? Dear. God. I just found out.
  7. Yeah man.

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  8. Great news everyone! Twin Peaks is being brought back for at least two seasons on Showtime! David Lynch and Mark Frost are bringing it back and Machlachlan is for sure coming back! Set to air in late 2015 early 2016...

    It makes sense because of the scene with agent Cooper and laura in the "red room" she mentions coming back in twenty five years.... talk about long haul foreshadowing!

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