Twin flame manifestation?

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  1. I woke up on the Equinox morning in a good mood. It was the first day of spring and a new moon as well. I decided I would go for a walk down by the river to a place that my friend and I call the "Island of Lesbos" even though it's more of a peninsula where 2 rivers meet. Good to walk the dog, enjoy nature, get stoned and chill.

    At Halloween we saw a red headed woman on the island. She noticed us and stayed out of sight. We went back a couple of days later and it was obvious she was a pagan and using the place for purification rituals. She put effort into what she was doing, building paths and so on. We gathered some wood for her and left. I remember wondering if she was my twin flame, and how funny that we were separated on 2 sides of the river. It made me smile...

    About a month ago we went back to the Island and she was still using the place, so I built her a pentagram out of stones, I don't know why, and we left and hadn't been back since.

    So on the Equinox morning I decided to go down to Lesbos. My friend had moved away due to having a baby (so happy for him). I was feeling on top of the world. I've been meditating daily and increasing my frequency and vibration. I have come of age. Now I am ready for that twin flame relationship that I have been yearning for oh so long.

    I got to Lesbos, the time was 11:11, no one was there, though the romantic in me wanted my twin flame to be. I had a joint and chilled. The pagan had changed the pentagram, it looked more like a flower of life. I was impressed. I stood in the middle of it and once again invoked my twin flame to manifest. Finished my joint and went home.

    Full of this spring energy I decided to clean the house and I was standing doing the dishes, looking out on the secluded park when who do I see? My ex-partner with her husband and her two daughters...seriously?

    Alison and I had been together for about 5 years when we broke up 8 years ago. At the time of the break up she was bi-polar, and had been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder as well. Her parent's didn't like me much either and had given her a choice. Her family or me. I had been arrested for a crime I did not commit, 6 months later I was found not guilty but the damage was done. The break up was was Easter morning and she told me it was over and that I should never talk to her again because she would never talk to me again. A promise that she kept to this day. I was devastated.

    I tried calling her, she changed her number, and made me out as the stalker ex to her friends. I wanted to section her. One minute she was in love with me, the next she was gone. I wrote, I tried everything that I could think of but she never spoke to me again. At that point I thought fu*k it, and I started phoning her house at stupid hours of the night and hanging up. I had done nothing wrong to her, I had loved her and supported her. When she was in mental hospitals I was the one who visited her, while her family stayed away. I was her best friend and I did not deserve that kind of break up. What was wrong with talking to me so that I could at least get the car insurance sorted? Never a word. So if she was gonna play me as the stalker ex, that's what I would do. Not proud of that.

    She moved out of town within a couple of weeks, within 4-6 weeks she had met someone else, and got married within 12-14 months and eventually had 2 kids. Moving on was painful. I struggled for years. I loved her with all of my heart. I had fallen in love with her at first sight, and I still felt that way 5 years on. Find another woman? Sure, but no matter what I still yearned her.

    A couple of years later I was going through my semi-friend's phone and found her number. What even this idiot had her number? So I copied it down. I phoned her up...asked her to confirm her name, and when she did, said thank you and hung up. There you go...have your stalker.

    I never saw her for years. Every now and again I would check the internet and see if she had some sort of social page but nothing, just that she had given birth to her second daughter. I was driving home one day and caught her out of the side of my eye. Realised I forgot the milk and back-tracked. Saw her at the supermarket, it was her. Wow...6 years on. I never said anything.

    As of December I started seeing more of her. Weird encounters. Parallel check outs at a super-market out of town. I think she noticed me first, and chose to blank me. The weird thing is that I was expecting to be at that super market 3 hours earlier, weird delays had happened that had brought me to that point.

    About a month later I saw her again. I was at an atm point getting some cash. My phone rang and it was my bro but I missed the call. Damn! I really had to talk to him but I had no credit in my phone. Fine...I'll put off the supermarket shop and drive to a pay phone. Just as I drove off he rang again, so I parked the car and answered the phone. I was chatting having a good time when I saw Alison again. She drove into the car park. I thought she was off to the super market but instead headed straight for the vet right outside where I was parked. How weird...the synchronicity of events that brought me to be parked out there. Yes, 8 years on I still have Alison issues.

    So back to the dishes and there she was in the park, which is as good as my backyard. Seriously? With our history I thought it was a bit bold. I've seen her car parked on the street next to mine. Seemed to happen on tuesdays so I thought it was the childminder. Every now and again I would see her sister in the park with the daughters, always on a tuesday. I figured she was picking them up from the childminders. I could tell when she glanced towards my house that she felt uneasy about it. So I thought it was a bit bold for Alison to be there. Still, I could understand, the kids see the park and the swings and want to play, hard to say no. You swallow some pride and play for 15 minutes in the park under the scrutiny of your ex and move on.

    I found all this really weird. I ask to manifest my twin flame and Alison appears . It gets worse. The night before I spoke to her telepathically. I have always felt her, no matter what I tried to break the connections I always felt her. At the time of the break up I thought she was my twin flame, but as the years went by I put her down as a soul mate relationship. She played an important role in my awakening and I am grateful for it. Somehow I have this connection. So I asked her if she misses me, and she said yes. I asked her if she loved me and she said yes again. I asked her if she wanted to be with me in the physical and she said yes again. At that point I told her that she should either manifest or cut me day I invoke my twin flame, on an equinox, with a new moon and at 11:11 and she appears. Wow!!!

    So up to now I might be over-sensitive to this, after all this is just a walk in the park. I observed them from my house and read their auras. It just confirmed what I already knew. She is an indigo, while he is blue. It is not a loving relationship. I can tell, I trust my aura reading skills implicitly. He is the rebound guy, daddy friendly. They left after 5 minutes, him first and her 30 seconds behind. Through out the whole time she never once looked over to my house, so I connected with her telepathically and asked her to look back, she did, I then asked her how long it would take and she said 2 months.

    I then found out that it's not the childminders they are visiting but they bought a house. Yes, they have bought a house 200ft away from mine. Would you buy a house next to your psycho ex? I asked my best friend and both him and his wife agree that knowing our history they wouldn't have bought the house. From her back window she can see if my bedroom light is on or not. If I were her husband I wouldn't have bought the house either, I wouldn't want her psycho ex living so close.

    Over the years I have been calling out for my twin flame, and I would end up with a head full of Alison so I would try and get her out of my head, when she did I would invoke my twin flame again and another head full of Alison. Recently I have been calling out for her, my twin flame, quite strongly.

    Now I'm not going to be a home wrecker. The relationship would have to come to an end before I could consider it. Spiritually I am bound to respect that. But I find it all so weird.

    I've always known where she was, when she came back to visit, when she was gone. All of a sudden the telepathy channels became clearer, and then she manifested.

    I spoke to her telepathically again last night. Man...talking to your ex in your head. Maybe I should be sectioned :) I can't describe it. You have to clear the inner noise first, because I am concious of hearing back what I want to hear. She loves me so much. So I asked for a particular sign. It's no good talking to her in the astral if the message does not get translated down to the physical. So now I am going to wait and see.

    So sorry for the big wall of text, and for the relationship advice. I posted it first in lifestyle section but as twin flames are of a spiritual nature I was hoping for some spiritual take on this. Would you have bought the house?
  2. woah man that was really interesting. synchronization can be really weird ...screws with my mind some times. yet its so awesome

    when things are being slapped in your face over and over again you really only have two options. its a lesson telling you to let go or jump in head first. its up to you to make that distinction...

    pretty weird cause i can channel my ex too...and it is in consequence of that crappy relationship that i have been lead down this spiritual path. there remains that strong connection, yet i know we would never work. we operate on different frequencies. its difficult because you still care, and hold them in high regard. but what can you do?

  3. Glad you find it interesting :) I'm quite fascinated by this too. I've manifested this.

    I agree, synchronisation can screw with your mind, but they are awesome. On both times that I saw her something had brought me there against my intended plan. You know that feeling when you lose something and it takes you ages to find it? Car keys, wallet or so on? Just to find them 5 minutes later in plain sight. I wonder about these events. Maybe I was on course to bump into someone but that was not the intended plan, hence the delay.

    We had many synhronicities in our relationship, I remember trying to tell her during the breakup. But I have no idea if she even read any of my letters. 20:02 20-02 2002 and 4/4/4 had significant meaning but I never realised it at the time. A year ago as I was researching the 9th wave of conciousness, I noticed the start of the 8th wave. 4/1/99...the day we met. How spooky. I figured she was the 8th wave of conciousness relationship...time for the 9th wave twin flame.

    Interesting you say that. My best friend introduced me to this saying years ago, and I've reflected upon it many times. People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime.

    I would never have started this journey without her. My arrest was on the 5th of November and that day has played such a crucial role in my life. I've often wondered what would have happened if that day never happened. Maybe it would have been me married to her and with 2 kids, but I would never have had the opportunity to get stoned at 2-3 am, surf youtube videos and explore my awakening. My best epiphanies always came in the dead of the night. For that I am eternally grateful.

    I came upon soul contracts, and having learned such a massive lesson, I figured that she would have also, through me, had an equivalent lesson even if it could have taken years to manifest. She would have grown from the experience and it gave me comfort knowing that she would have. Turns out playing the villain is the hardest part.

    For years I deleted all the happy memories and all I could remember were the bad times. Then I started remembering the good times. The love I had for her and even though there was pain attached it was a "fuck you, it was my relationship too and if you want to remember it as such a big mistake go ahead, but I won't".

    I even tried a shamanic drum meditation at one point as I thought I had lost my soul due to the trauma of the break up. 3 days later I dreamt of the break up again, and had the chance to re-live it. It was more...civil.

    I've tried everything that I can think of to let go, I thought I had. I have tried to break the connection on many times, but really all it did was go silent. As soon as I started connecting with my twin flame, she would appear again in my head. I have tried everything I can think of to break that connection. I don't know what else there is to let go.

    On the equinox I felt that I had reached a new stage in my spiritual awakening. I am embracing my divinity. After 9 or so months of quite high energy meditations, I am now alligned with the Christos divine energy and following my divine blueprint. Ending up where 2 rivers meet, standing in a circle of life, embracing my divinity, at 11:11 calling forth my twin flame.

    Would you have bought a house so close to an ex with this kind of history? I wouldn't have. I have to embrace this...wherever it takes me. After all I am the creator of this holograph we call life. I manifested her. I am not the only nut who talks to their ex in their heads...I have company in the loony house.

    "Yet I know we wouldn't work". There have been so many times that I have thought the same about Alison. There is no way we would work, different frequencies, her family hate me, she is married and has two kids. Raise another man's kids? Two of them? I can come up with many reasons how we wouldn't work. I remember one night thinking the only way we would work is if she got her own house and was separated. Then I pictured the house. I would have to hide the car because of her parents...too much negativity. The only way it would work is if she moved in close by, if she had her place and I had mine. Then I caught myself and thought to myself, break this connection off, it's not healthy. I seem to have manifested this. Why can't I manifest a Ferrari instead???

    Just because you operated on different frequencies does not mean that your frequencies are static. So what do we do? I guess all you can do is embrace divine energy, learn compassion, love and understanding. Who knows. I asked her for a specific signal...I wonder if it will manifest.
  4. Manifestations, synchronisation, or whatever- you need to move on dude. :rolleyes:

  5. No shit :eek:
  6. you'v become attune to her frequency, whats a twin flame dude. Its been 8 years man she had 2 kids i understand that u,v invested alot of time in her and its hard to let go. However its a snowball effect and the sooner u stop and look for someone else that deserves u more and would never hurt u then thats ur soulmate. Ever heard of a man name vin dicarlo? he has a pick up program where unlike ANY other pick up including The Game, it teaches you the differences in chicks and there are 8 types of women. seriously you can find love with 20 bucks over the internet don't waste your time on someone who won't spend theirs on u, its not fair man. check this link out, love u man (no homo) i,m into AP too ;P Oh an the program will teach u how to get ur ex back and u be the dominant member meaning she yearns for u instead of the other way round Pandora's Box: Vin DiCarlo's Official Site
  7. hey man i really think your hurting yourself in the long run by continuing to ask for signals and connecting with her telepathically.
    after reading this last night, i text my ex and we got into a conversation. i was able to look back and understand my perspective of the relationship. the ills i had and how they affected her. and i apologized. said it was neither her fault nor me, but simply my perspective of life at the time..i was able to let go a lot of that lingering emotion. it took bringing those emotions to present

    i would try to get into a centered place and write everything you need to in order to move on.. write it with the intention of her seeing it and reading it. let it be pure.

    and your right, nobody remains static, but most stagnate. something ive learned is that this moving into a higher frequency cant be forced onto others. it has to be a decision made by themselves

    ive read somewhere about clairvoyants picking up on ppl's energies and often taking on the feelings of others. looking back ive come to think that the reason i was so in tune with her is because i felt and dealt with the pain she had(unknowingly). so i was very sympathetic. i didnt want to let go of the relationship because i didnt want to hurt her even more and that eventually led me to become someone i wasnt. for so long i blamed her, but how could i when she wasnt even aware of herself?
  8. Well, first I can't believe I read all of that lol. Seriously though I do think you may need some counseling. I realize the end of that relationship was hard because it ended in a pretty shitty way, was serious, and long-term. You pulled some pretty crazy shit after it ended. You admit to calling her at crazy times, searching for her on the internet, etc. You may have started out trying to just find answers, but at some point you very obviously became obsessed. Now you are saying that you are telepathically communicating with her and she is telling you all the things you have wanted to hear for years. I hope the best for you, but it may be time to deal with the loss and let go.
  9. was thinking about this more and i came to the conclusion that the reason your ex popped up when your manifesting your twin flame is because she is a road block you need to get around. its even more invasive now that shes right around from you. get closure man and im sure you'll find what your looking for shortly after

  10. Thanks for the love bro. I appreciate your intent.

    Twin flames are complete individual beings in their own right, sharing the same soul.

    I read auras in people, I know what types people are. The problem with that program is that you are moulding yourself to be someone becomes false and empty. You get laid, massage your ego with the lads, but you are drawn in a first chakra imbalance.

    I have no interest in being the dominant member either, in the bedroom it's one thing, but in a relationship we are equals and each woman is unique.

    Thank you for your comment. I hope I made that wall of text an enjoyable read. I have a ton of information to process and writing it down helps. Yes, I was obsessed with her from the moment our eyes first met, and I was just as obsessed with her after 5 years together. I called it unconditional love.

    The break up did end up pretty shitty. Mental health played a big role as well as a very controlling family. It took me years but eventually I found some sort of closure, and forgave myself for how I behaved. I was genuinely concerned for her well being. I wanted to section her, give her time to find some balance away from both her family and myself. My main priority was her well being. Instead no answer and disappeared. In the end my behaviour was one of fuck you, i'll burn all the bridges. I had to forgive myself for that too. I was grieving.

    I've looked her up a couple of times online. The same as I have looked up other ex-girlfriends. Most I am friends with on social networks. With Alison I was curious to how her life was going. What happened to her? Oh she had a kid...ok deal breaker. Couple of years later I would have another search...that's about it.

    Yes, every now and again I would think back about her and I figured she was a soul mate. She had played a pivotal role in my awakening and for that I am grateful. As soul mates we would have had a contract and she would also have gained a valuable lesson from the relationship. At times I would be less gracious, but in the end I settled on the positive outlook. I had moved on.

    I understand telepathy sounds weird. I used to think aura reading was weird but now I trust it implicitly. As I do with clairvoyancy, and many other things. But I agree with much of what you hear is what you want to hear back? Great! She loves me...ego massaged. I get it. I've asked myself the same things. For years the communication was never returned, I would 'phone' but she would not pick up. So I raised the winds instead...they carried my message. A few years later she picked up, but the links were brief. More of me apologising for how I had behaved and wishing her well. Eventually I stopped calling.

    I would say that in the past the communications were mostly one way. What surprised me this time was that the communication was inbound, stronger and clearer than ever before and just as we line up on an equinox. Up until that moment I hadn't thought about her in ages. I was looking forward to the equinox and the new moon as a new beginning. I meditate daily, so that I can silence the voice of the ego. At the time of the communication my energy levels were high, and I was in divine energy. The ego was silent.

    I was a bit annoyed at the 'call' but it came through in divine energy. Before I had the chance to say you again? What do you want? the anger dissipated. I felt warm, loving. So I asked if she still missed me? Yes. I felt better hearing that. Ok then, do you still love me? Yes. That surprised me a little. I'm not the monster she made me out to be, fair enough though, I still love my first girlfriend, I love my bro. So the next question was Do you want to be with me in the physical? Yes. That I was not expecting. So I could only say one thing. Manifest or cut me loose. You know this is not healthy for me. You can not keep this connection on me...8 years. She said ok. I wasn't expecting her to manifest.

    The next morning, first day of spring I am back in my good mood. I've been in a good mood for a while. 2012 equinox (yes that year) and a new moon and I am embracing all these new energies. Divine energy. Walking in nature embracing the fact that I know the first sound of the universe. Understanding my role and generally feeling of a coming of age. While 8 years ago my concept of a twin flame was romantic in nature, today it is about divine energy. I feel my twin close, I know she is close. I am ready to embrace that divine energy whoever she is. I am at no point thinking of Alison.

    I find my spot in nature where 2 rivers meet. A spot that a pagan (they're rare) red head (I love red heads) uses and purifies the spot. Changing a pentagram to a circle of life. At 11:11 I find myself there. 11:11 pops up quite often in my life. I embrace divine energy and ask for my twin flame to manifest.

    2 hours later I see her for the first time in ages. Great! I can stand there and stare, get that look in that I couldn't get at the supermarket. How does she behave around her kids? Is she a good mother? Is she in a loving relationship? Is she happy? Closure.

    At that point I decided to connect with her again. Does this telepathy really work??? I asked her to look back and she did so immediately. I was surprised. So I asked her how long it would take and she said 2 months. At that point I did not know she had bought the house. With my history of obsession would you buy a house sooo close to me?

    Either way I trust my aura reading skills better than I do my telepathy ones, and they do not look a happy couple. He is distant from the kids. Moving back close to her home is a last attempt. That I can tell. The telepathy is still debatable.

    In the evening I made another call. Answered immediately. Lovely loving feeling. When I had asked her to turn round she did, and I wasn't too sure that would have happened. With her I connect telepathically in the spiritual plane, and as I do so from my physical plane I retain conciousness of the conversation. It's like me physical --> me spiritual ---> her spiritual. The spiritual us are having the conversation. Does the conversation permeate through to the physical her? So I asked for a sign. I've asked her to manifest and she did, I asked her to turn around and she did. I don't want to say what the sign is, but it will be soon, and I am honest about it with myself. Let's see if this stuff works.

    I'm glad this thread helped you sort things out with your ex :) A twin flame relationship is about divine love, so you could argue that our re-uniting is already producing results. Two people got closure despite distances.

    I am aware of picking up energy vampires. It does not affect me. My clairvoyancy skills are personal and I re-energise daily.

    When I saw her outside the vets I saw her in an Indigo jacket. She is in an awakening process. How advanced, how brainwashed I don't know, but I imagine it will be difficult for her.

    I'm not hurting at all. But now I walk around my park and a part of me thinks great she can see me, I am obviously stalking her. Even if I am going for a walk and a joint. I surprisingly feel warmer knowing that she is so close. Maybe she is a road block, but I honestly thought that I had moved on. When I saw her around I would just think that she was part of my soul family and wish her well even though she was blanking me. I appreciated the synchronicity.

    Equinox, spring and new moon do not suggest a road block. Children are involved so it can not be a block. The children are crystalline, Alison is indigo, the husband is blue. Much depends on the soul contract the children have. I feel love for them, surprisingly. Eldest needs help.

    If there is one, I'm already round it :) I've dealt with all of this. She hasn't. Between moving away and getting close to someone so soon she never had a chance to deal with these emotions. She ran away and buried her head in the sand. Her parents forced the breakup of the love of her life. Those emotions are going to surface, especially living so close to me. I'm doing nothing, going on with my life and still playing guitar at the top of my stairs overlooking the park. I'm still feeling really good with myself. I'm 2 weeks into a get healthy regime and it's motivated me even more and my conciousness is expanding rapidly. I'm good. I love myself.
  11. Bro you got it wrong man, if you had watched the video you would know that its psychologically a women's desire for a man as a leader, to guide them and provide a sense of security (you wouldn't expect a women to fight of a mugger now would you). That's how women see a relationship and every potential male partner, they judge them by their value to protect and provide. Its very much like this in the wild. Now this may sound insensitive but it isn't i,m explaining the program, with ur best intentions in my heart. Your girl choose that rebound husband because of his probability to provide a stable life with everything she needs, thats why she had kids with him man. Women look at men for their genetics its all for their kids why else do you think celebrities or athletes are always first choice amongst women, its cause they can provide security and money. Women are greedy like that but the program teaches you how to be a alpha leader to satisfy your women and have them chasing after you, so you can have the right relationship that can last a lifetime while growing stronger with 'heat' everyday. Imagine if your positions were vice versa. Now i know ur really into psychic stuff but honestly deep down you want her physically more so than metaphysically right? i mean u also want the spiritual side too but u can't have it if she don't love u physically cuz in her mind she needs to know that u can take care of her better than her current husband. Anyway man just tryna help you cuz 8 years is a long time. Consider jesus, he could match you with a perfect soulmate. It seems that every devoted christian I know are in long loving relationships. Real inspiration. But yeah man good luck on your life sorry if i,m annoying you with the program lol i don't sell them they just work really well and its the only one that works consistently with every women.

    p.s and that feeling you have for her, that desire is because of you not being able to have her after some investment in your relationship. Not that shes your soulmate, unless u want to believe that but if it was a diff person same scenario u wud say the same no doubt.

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    ..let it are better off and you deserve better

    otherwise all that shit is gonna haunt you ..youll never be 'rid' of her..sounds like youre wayyy wrapped up in it already
  13. Well I feel you are kind of lost in a world you created. You are deep into some very non-traditional things that you apparently rely on very heavily. Maybe you are much more "enlightened" than I am with all this aura reading and telepathic abilities, but I am doubtful of this. I think you should consider a visit with a therapist and lay all of this on the table for them. Hear them out and rethink the things that need to be. I am in general very open minded, but I am concerned for your mental health.
  14. Love is a horrible drug and you, OP, can't seem to kick your addiction.

    Allison got u lovestoned.

    Many of these so called synchronicities can be explained away by more logical reasons than pure speculation. At times like these I always remember a quote from Sherlock Holmes, “It is a capital mistake to theorise before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.”

    Let's take them buying a house near your residence for an example. They could have bought it because it fit in their budget or because they like the area.

    And how about when she looked at you when you telepathically called out to her as she sat on the bench on that night. Well she could have spotted something shiny, I'm not saying your bald or anything like that but have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye and just felt compelled to look in its direction just so you could make sure that it's not a threat to your survival? That's probably what she felt.

    The explanations that I have given might seem outrageous but they seem to be logical to some extent right?

    I know what it feels like to be alone and it must be harsh to live when it seems likeyour soul has been ripped from your very core. It must be hell to live knowing that she has moved on from the relationship you shared but you need to do the same. Even though you feel like you would take her back, even with her kids, you need to realise that is really selfish of you. You can't just take the kids from their parents, any enlightened indigo would know that, and I know you know it too. There comes a time when even the most bright burning flames are extinguished and that time has come and gone. But after that flame is out it leaves a void to be filled, it's up to us to ... well this metaphor doesn't make sense anymore.

    OP, life is about living and right now your stagnating. You're ruminating about what could have been, why don't you just ... live? It's your destiny.

  15. Ok, let's take them buying a house. Sure they might like the area, and it is within their budget. Buying a home is the biggest investment that you will make in your life. Links for work, schools, etc... Now while they may like the house, it is not the only house in their budget, and it is not the only house in the area. Now when you are addressing the area that you will live in, one of the main factors is that your wife's stalker ex partner of 5 years lives within 200ft of you. Ask yourself this. Do you want to live in a house where your wife's ex is just round the corner? Oh that's the guy who used to bang my wife. I'm at work and my wife takes the kids to the park only for her stalker ex to be able to observe them in detail. I'm at work and the wife's ex is round the corner. Every time she looks out of the bedroom window she will see her ex-partner's house. Memories will come flooding back. Now I may be the strongest most comfortable guy in a relationship, but having such an emotional ex so close? For $270,000 I would have bought in a different area, different street. This one is really close. I asked my bro and his wife and both agree that they wouldn't buy the house. Seriously, no matter how nice the house, I would not have invited this kind of situation in my life. I would have bought elsewhere.

    Let's take the telepathy. She may have seen something shiny and turned her head. That is one possibility. You have decided a priori that telepathy is not possible and are looking for something that could justify it. Just as I could be looking for anything to validate the theory. I'm not, I am my worse critic. Not only she could have turned because she saw something shiny, but I could just be hearing what I want to be hearing. I consider that as well. I try and be as objective as possible. I've had similar situations when it has come to understanding my aura reading skills, clairvoyancy, etc... It's a mindfcuk!

    The thing about telepathy is that I'm not communicating with her in the physical. I connect to my highest self in the spiritual level and converse to her in the spiritual level. Her physical self is not concious of her spiritual self. So while her physical self may have noticed the shiny thing, it was her spiritual self that directed her to notice the shiny thing.

    Let's say she was jumping up and down on a trampoline. If I ask her to wave her arms it's a stupid thing to ask for because chances are she will end up waving her arms if she is jumping on a trampoline. With the turning of the head I had those checks in place and it happened just after I asked, as if her spiritual self had heard her, and then manifested it in her physical self. If it took 20 seconds for her to turn her head it would have been a case of "this sh*t does not work". I do this kind of stuff when I'm at a queue in a supermarket, not just turn your head, but I'll infuse love and divine energy and it's funny watching their mannerisms change.

    I believe that the spiritual self plays a higher role in your soul's journey than what is generally attributed. I wonder how much free will you really have and how much of it is orchestrated by your highest self.

    Let's look at the synchronisations.

    From my perspective I have finally reached an understanding of my divine self. I am humbled and awed by the knowledge. I am at my spiritual best. As an Indigo, I have come of age. I have moved on. I can't help to think of her when I see her, but while she blanks me, I chose to channel love and wish her well. I am ready to unite with my twin flame and the divine energy. Not from a romantic perspective, but in divine energy, in a service to others other than in a service to self perspective. Who ever she may be, I am finally ready for that step.

    All these energies had built up in me for some time, and Alison wasn't part of them. I found it interesting that I reach such spiritual maturity on an equinox and a new moon. I notice solar flares. In the past they would result in an increased conciousness as well as sore bones, aching muscles and fatigue but during the last ones I felt fine. Better diet, regularly vibrating at a higher frequency and following my divine blueprint. An equinox has much meaning for me. We are moving into spring time and new life is finally here. Trees start to bud, soon baby lambs will be in fields, flowers start blooming. Winter, the cold, the rain and the snow is finally over. So we have two synchronicities coming together here. First day of spring, and a new moon. Both associated with new beginnings and new life. It is also the year 2012 and these are exciting times to live in.

    The place I "chose" (led by my highest self?) and how I came to it has many synchronicities. For 2 years my best friend and I went there to walk the dog, get stoned and talk about the world. It was good to have someone to bounce these ideas off. Rarely did people ever come down there. Best place ever! We could leave from my back garden and not encounter a single road. We crossed the river a few times in summer, built a bridge over it, but mostly always stayed on our side of it. We call it the "Island of Lesbos". An island of lesbians and we couldn't get to it. Boys huh?

    The 31st of October is Halloween to most. Over the years I have gone with the celtic way of life. My new year is the 1st of November. It works for me. I make my resolutions, and they have time to manifest over winter and blossom in spring. If the chinese have their calendar, I can have mine. This last 'new year' it was also 11/1/11 a manifestation of numbers that I see quite often. The synchronisation of 11:11 in my life is quite remarkable.

    So...we are having a joint and we look over and see this red headed woman on the island. Oh I have a thing for red heads. How random that she would appear on the Island of Lesbos, close to 11-1-11. I was at a training conference once and ended up sitting at the same table as one of the heads of a multinational company. The team building exercise was about getting a painting and talking about it for 60 seconds on why you find it interesting. Boring! Anyway...I got the photo of the painting and it was renaissance painting of naked women dancing around a fire in a forest, what I noticed immediately was the red headed woman walking away in the background. Without going into the details of the presentation the "head of" was incredibly impressed with me. A great contact to make. So seeing a red head on "lesbos" was..well...a funny thing to observe. It's a very secluded place. We noticed she was trying to keep a low profile and respected her wishes.

    We went back a week later, took the long road to it, and found out that she was doing pagan purification rituals. She had put a considerable amount of effort into it. Laying out stone paths down to the river. We gathered some wood and left. We only went back to it about a month ago, and suspected that she was still using it. I decided to build a pentagram, enclosed in a circle, out of stones. I don't know what prompted me. It took some time, my friend helped.

    It had been a month or so since we had been there. I don't know what prompted me on the day in question to go down there for a walk and take the long road over. I always went with my best friend and he had now moved home, under the happiest of circumstances.

    So there I am, feeling the best I have in my life. Finally ready to walk into the next chapter of my life. I want to be in a relationship that I connect on both a physical and spiritual level. I'm not thinking, I'm going to this magic place and make a wish and everything will be happy. I'm going for a walk and a joint, some peace and quiet in nature and reflect that I am happy again. Really happy. I'm aligned with my divine blueprint. Bring it on :)

    I get there and it's 11:11. Oh 11:11 has played such a synchronicity in my life. The pentagram I had built, is now a circle of life. Wow!!! What an advanced soul. I wondered what brought me to build a pentagram, I am not a satanist, and I don't associate a pentagram with satanism anyway. I am more attuned to sacred geometry, fibonacci sequences, golden mean, and the spiral of life. I would have expected a pagan to have more of an affinity with pentagrams than circles of life. I end up standing in it. I'm not thinking of Alison. I connect to my higher self and I feel the energy that comes with it. I ask for my twin flame to manifest, that I am ready for it, that my heart has been made strong by love, and love lost. That I understand that a twin flame connection is not a romantic fairy tale, it is a relationship of service to the divine.

    Then I look at the spot again, and it's where 2 rivers meet. The energy of 2 come together as 1. It is the equinox, day and night are the same, the male and female energies are balanced. It's spring time, with new beginnings, there is a new moon with new beginnings and I've been guided into a circle of life, to manifest my twin flame in divine energy by a red headed muse. I felt amazing afterwards. I would only find out a couple of hours later that she had moved in close by. Up until then she was living in a different town. I was over her, had moved on and was happy. So many synchronicities coming together. I wasn't expecting Alison of all people to manifest.

    Back to the telepathy. I've had about 4 joints writing all this down. I'm wasted :smoke: When I spoke to her the prior to seeing her I hadn't spoken to her in months, maybe well over a year. The conversation was inbound, and it was weird for me because up until then all the communications were outbound. I "phoned" her. When she did "phone" I was in a higher meditative stage. The inner noise of a past relationship, the ego of "having invested so much into the relationship", all those feelings were gone. I was in divine energy, a very difficult concept to describe. So I took the call. Wondering how much of it was what I wanted to hear, but still knowing that I was safe in divine energy.

    I felt incredibly at one, I had no anger or resentment. I toyed with the telepathy, this was new to me. Always outbound, never inbound. Do you miss me? Yes. I was happy there. I asked if she loved me, yes again. Still I love my bros. This energy is loving. So I asked her if she wanted to be with me in the physical. This was the make or break question. I was expecting to hear a no. Instead came a yes and that really surprised me. So at that point I asked her to either manifest or let me loose. I can not continue to have this emotional bond with her. It's not fair for me to enter a new relationship with still such a strong bond with an ex. I've moved on. My grieving is over, I'm happy with my life and now not only do I want a new relationship, I know I am going to find her. That eternally loving relationship. Who ever she may be.

    It was simple...either manifest or let me loose. No two ways about it. Again, I was expecting her not to manifest. To quote the White Stripes, eerily synchronous band (check my name)..."I'm thinking of my doorbell, when you gonna ring it?" Only a manifestation on an epic scale similar to moses parting the red seas would have done. Oh...and I wanted it right there and then. I'm not waiting any longer. Manifest on an epic scale or get lost. Moving in so close is an epic manifestation, especially the next day and with all the other synchronicities coming into place.

    When I saw her turn her head I asked how long it would take, she said 2 months. That's a lot of time to wait for a conversation that is going on in your head. So I asked for one sign. I need to know that the spiritual her is guiding her physical self. She may not be aware of a pending reunion in the physical, but the spiritual her could be bringing her closer to her twin flame. I don't want to say what the sign I've asked for is, but it's specific, it's soon and is respectful to her current situation. I will know soon.

    I am in no way planning on taking the children away from their parents. The relationship would have to break down first for me to be involved. The relationship does not appear solid. It started off as rebound and with her being bi-polar I can see how it evolved. Her key emotional moments were influenced by her family who leveraged on her mental condition. Coming back home is her trying to come to terms with these feelings. She is torn on a soul level, and even if I am not her twin flame, she has to find proper closure on what happened.

    I'm gonna see what happens with this sign. Life is living in the now, and I embrace it fully. I'm not stagnating in the past, merely observing how the present is manifesting. If she is my twin flame I will know soon :)

    Man I write a lot.

  16. Nah u don't, you write too much; there's a slight difference.
  17. Do tell us if anythign happens!

  18. I was hoping the sign would have manifested either way by now but nothing yet. People come into your life for a reason, a season or lifetime.

    I was driving home yesterday and I was just about there when I saw a woman walk down the road. Somehow I just knew she was going to visit Alison. I think she was a mental health professional. I later saw her having her lunch in the park. Now how do I know she was a mental nurse and going to see Alison? No idea.

    A few years back I was standing in a queue waiting to buy a pack of smokes and saw a guy standing in front of me. I instantly knew he was her husband. How? No idea. I knew by the energy. When I left and got into my car I saw his car and realised it was him.

    And so I have my theories on this. She's still bi-polar and in a way it comforts me to know that as I was often blamed for the episodes. It also saddens me because I now see bi-polar disorder as a spiritual disorder. Shame.

    When an Indigo enters the human body they carry with them their higher energy, but they take on the emotional body based on that of the parents. Inheriting not only the physical traits, but also health issues and views of the world. The soul then finds itself in a dilemma, feeling the divine energy and wanting to manifest it but it goes against the emotional body and the inner battle ensures. She moved away, got married, had a family as she has no career and now she has to confront all of this. Such a shame for the years of anti-depressants and the heavy metal poisoning, it's not going to be easy. This is her awakening and I wish her well.

    Throughout all of this I can not but feel that life is really funny. I feel like a 6 month old baby fascinated at the world in front of him. All this stuff manifesting? Wow. It has brought me to think about one of the 12 Attitudes of Mastery FEARLESSNESS - Recognizing the Eternal Infinite Nature and Unconditional Love of the ALL-ONE-ness.

    The sign that I asked for is that the next time I see her, she wears a red jumper. Who knows. A red jumper...mmm...

    [ame=]Matrix is a system - YouTube[/ame]
  19. I,m praying for that red jumper for you man ! Goodluck Though i hope you clear your situation soon but at the same time your knowledge and experiences are very fascinating! Can you teach me telepathy
  20. [quote name='"chickensupreme"']I,m praying for that red jumper for you man ! Goodluck Though i hope you clear your situation soon but at the same time your knowledge and experiences are very fascinating! Can you teach me telepathy[/quote]

    I lol'd

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