Twin 600hps cool tube lights Good or Bad?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by freeze5959, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I am setting up my grow room its 8ftx3ft with 8ft cielings and Im thinking of using twin 600hps cool tube lights with a 6in vortex fan cooling the lights.

    Right now Im setting up 8 5gal bucket flood and drain system, is this going to be enough light for the space. I only want to buy lights once, I dont want to have to upgrade in a year or two. I want to set this grow room up as a permant fixture of my home, so I dont want to cut to many corners. Any suggestions are welcome.

    $656 bucks for this set up.

  2. Dublicate post
  3. No one has an opinion of these lights???
  4. I'd say they're pretty nice
  5. those wont work effecently.. you need something with the lights side by side.. more light is put out "sideways" from the bulb than front to back..

    I have dual cool tubes also ( only 400w x2 though)

    here's a good 2 light set up for a "wide" room
  6. Thanks for the advice mordgrow, that does make sense. What about the reliablity of running two lights on one ballest. Do dual light ballest have more problems?
  7. well your obviously having a single point of failure, and that 1 unit will be pretty warm i bet.

    I dont see an issue with running 1 ballast for 2 lights though. if its cheaper that way go for it ;)

    mine is dual digital balasts and i've had no issues either.
  8. I think the 6in dual cool tube would be ok. The 600w hps can only cover 4ft square so a dual cool Tube cans cover a 8x4 ft room. Not to mention with the 48 and 60in you can place the bulbs anywhere you need them. I have 3 60in cool tubes. One over each table. I also work at a indoor gardening store or "grow store if you must" and I can't tell you how many of these I sell a month. Great lights. And if you buy a flip box it allows you to safely run two reflectors on one ballast. But you have to split the Watts for the ballast, so a 1000w ballast will run 2 500w bulbs and so on. I use a 1000w lumatec ballast to run one cool tube with 600w hps. The bulbs will not burn at 600w but its the closest you will get to a perfect
  9. And the light won't be shit to cool if you use a 8in inline fan with at least a cfm rating of 700 and a reducer to a 6in you will lose some cfm but it will be better than a 6in fan. My room stays about 72. The highest its ever been was 75.

  10. This a nice setup. How much does it cost a month to run somthing like this?
  11. Lumatek sells a dual 600w ballast for a reasonable price. Better to get something made for the job than take a chance if you only want to spend $ once.
  12. Are dual ballasts all 220v?

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