Twilight actor pees in an airport terminal

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    [ame=]'Twilight' Actor Bronson Pelletier -- PEEING in the Airport Terminal!! - YouTube[/ame]
    L O L

    Im not one to post random videos for a thread but i had to show this somewhere. I just love the camera guys reaction. Like how lucky would you be to be in that perfect spot to film it? Now that's something you can never live down.
  2. Maybe he's trying to say something about the Twilight series.
  3. Man...TSA is really taking this no fluids on the plane thing way too seriously.
  4. he'd have to take a massive dump to do that
  5. Maybe that red coated jack ass should have let him go to the bathroom? Lol..

    p.s. his high pitch moans are pretty awesome at the end though.
  6. He looks like he's fucking drunk or something
  7. That was a long ass pee...

    And why couldn't he go to the bathroom?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. I think so. His pee was clear, so that strengthens the theory. And the fact that he just went right there.

  10. I fucking love this thread and op's name.

    We're looking for somebody by the name of "luvs2spooj" haha
  11. Oh he was definitely on something. I'm guessing he hit the airport bar for a little too long.
  12. I love how he tried to pee on him

  13. No doubt

    I wonder what the fine is for peeing in an airport terminal?
  14. Haha he sounds he's crying at the end lol

  15. Noooooo
  16. Now ain't that some shit eh lol.
  17. Holy fuck. At first i didnt understand the title, i was thinking there was no way he pissed in front of everyone. I thought it was some fan taking a video of him in the bathroom. This shit is fucking priceless

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