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  1. alright so i did it. I placed the order last nite on the LSV.. for about 220$. thanks to you guys on helpin me out for reallll.hopefully im happy with this product..comes with hemp bag, grinder,picker adapter. by adapter do they mean the slide that can go in your bong because the one i used for my bong recently broke and. do i have to purchase anything else and also i have and 8 arm ash catcher/perc or w/e can that be used as well? sorry for the dummy question but shit i better learn now before its too late.

  2. What I have, the shorty WPA just pretty much replaces the bowl
    So mine goes into an 18 mm slide/diffuser
    I have seen longer ones but I'm not sure if they could replace the slide
  3. Sup Yosh?
    Nice to see you here
    I am good on vapes for now, but if I get excited to try a new one
    or even one I have never tried before...
    I will be sure to give an in depth review and answer any questions
    Thanks for stopping by!

  4. yeah its comein with a water pipe adapter but im just dont what size but hopefully it fits my bong...hopefully its 14mm because thats the one i had broke womp womp wompppp :(
    And hopefull, it's the shorty.
  6. You get to choose
    They probably could still change if needed
    I changed my mind and went from a 14 to 18
    Review your order and make sure
    Hit them with an email if a change is needed
    They are cool, but slow so be patient
    It was hard for me to swallow the long handling time
    But that's how 7th floor operates I guess
    I have not regretted being patient
    That's for sure!

  7. I am pretty new to the cannabis scene, and just bought the pax by ploom. I can't get good draws from it yet, and I'm not sure if its me or the unit (i bought it used). How can you tell?
    Also, any advice on how to learn the draw technique without wasting all of my weed?
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    It's airflow is restricted
    My buddy says he hits it like a cigar
    If that makes sense
    On medium, you should be getting nice vape clouds
    Make sure the unit is very clean as well
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    Did you primarily use the WPA attachment for you review of it or did you use the transfer wand as well? If you tried both, how did they compare?
    Based solely on vapor quality, how did this vape compare to other more popular vapes?
  10. For me, Archer, the LSV, thru the WPA and warm water thru a moderately diffused tube provided better vapor quality than any other vaporizer that I have owned or used and not owned.
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    I mostly use the WPA
    I have used the transfer wand
    Also, I have used a whip attachment that I bought on EBay made for the SSV
    Vape-Bonging is my preferred method and is the smoothest vapor to me
    The whip attachment is my next favorite, because I only have to hold the whip
    Rather than the entire LSV like with the wand or WPA(I have tried them all)
    The vape quantity is as good as any vape I own
    The VapeExhale Cloud has the cleanest taste, but the LSV is not far off
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    Right now, I'm planning on using the transfer wand for the most part. How would you say the transfer wand compares to using the WPA with a water tool? Is it still pretty nice?
    Update: And thanks for the response, Tweety!
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    With the wand, it's all about technique.   For me, if I take a steady draw, it gets pretty harsh.    But, if I puff on it, like you would a cigar, it's almost as smooth as hitting it through the WPA, with the main difference being that with the WPA, I get a MUCH more powerful hit.    The vapor clouds are just HUGE with absolutely no lung distress at all.
  14. I see. How much would a decent water tool for the lsv cost? Does the quality of water tool make a large difference in vapor quality or is it all pretty much the same?
    Thanks so much for your quick responses, btw. You've been a big help.
    With vapor, I've found that you really don't want a bong or bubbler that's either too big or has too much diffusion, nor too small with not enough diffusion.   There really is a sweet spot with all this.    
    As an example, when I first got the LSV, I used it with a HVY Mini-Beaker that I was using really successfully with my Purple Days.    With the LSV, however, it was really harsh.   Actually, it was harsher than using the wand.     I then won an SC tube in a contest that was a bit larger than the Mini along with having more diffusion than the Mini and that was, and is, sweet and smooth as silk.
    So yeah, getting the right water tool mated to the LSV is important.    A 12 inch tube with medium diffusion should do the trick.
  16. Just got it in Today....Ha! #EXCITEMENTGANG
  17. Awesome!
    You will have to post some pics and tell us what you think
  18. Out of curiosity, did you happen to use the first gen. puffit? 
    Because since then the company has changed its manufacturers and the one I recently purchased has become my favorite portable vape(though I've only had experience with four other portables). Granted the battery life is a little short, but I didn't run into any functional issues or plastic taste.
    In comparison to all the vapes I've tried? probably a C+/B-, but as far as portables go I'd say B/B+(still holding out hope for a perfect portable vape)
    I don't know about a D- :/
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    Indeed, I actually got a discount for pre-ordering the unit
    How long have you owned your unit?
    And I, too am waiting for the perfect portable
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    about three months now, I know that's not long enough to speak to the longevity of the product, but in comparison to what I've experienced it sounded like you got screwed(hence the 1st gen question).

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