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  1. I have not made plans to, but I will be looking into it possibly in the near future
  2. And see, I had/have different experience with it too.
    I think the taste is pretty decent, I know it's not an all glass pathway, but never experienced anything unpleasant, especially not plasticy.
    And I haven't spilled herb from this since I got it and didn;t realize I had to turn it upside down at first to remove it cleanly and to stir.
    I actually enjoy the hissing noise, it's loud, but kinda like a friendly reminder that I'm vaping :D
    I've never had any issue with butane or it not working yet, and I've used mine hard for 2+ months now. I feel butane is much less a pain in the ass (5 seconds of filling) than charging batteries, which was a major selling point for me.
    What melted on your unit? I cant imagine anything getting that hot in mine.
    I've loved my experience. But everyone has different tastes and needs.
    Like I said in my original post, it was the plastic mouthpiece.    Oglesby & Butler has since recitified the problem after many experienced the same thing.     Long in-depth discussion on this over at FC in the Iolite thread.
    the part that screws in?
  5. thanks, this helped me decide what to get, i was debating on the LSV, the SSV, or the Plenty? im mad theres no reviews on Grasscity about the Plenty. But im heavily thinkin about the LSV. blows weed like crazy? how man hits will a whole packed bowl on the LSV last? 
    Check out the reviews over a fuckcombustion. com.   Tons of reviews on every vape, including the Plenty.
    Can't tell you how many hits you get out of a bowl.   Too many variables:
    Quality of bud (higher quality provides more hits)
    Temp setting
    How fast or slow you draw.
    Finess of grind
    How much you put in the bowl.
    What size of bowl are you using.
  7. Will keep an eye out for this over time. Doesn't seem to be a problem for me yet.
  8. ^^^another reason why i love this site...yall so helpful..ima give u a hug when i see you one day.............#pause
  9. It depends on the vape temp
    I start at around "12 O'Clock" position
    And finish the bowl at about "2"
    2 bowls last me all day that way

    Thank You!
  10. ...also
    High quality bud
    Medium grind
    Shorty LSV attachment
    I tend to draw slow
    Bud lasts longer too with a clean screen
    I recommend a daily change if used like I do!
    Change?   I've had my LSV now for over 6 months and I have the original screen in the WPA.   I just do an ISO soak about once a month and it's good to go.   Use it every night.
  12. Change for me is a rotation of a few screens
    But I use the same ones over and over
    Maybe I should have said fresh screen?

    Yeah, I've never taken mine out.   Just soak the WPA with the screen in, in some ISO in a plastic bag for a few hours, rinse with hot water and blow dry.   It's as good as new.
  14. I suppose your way works as well
  15. I got through 3 to 4 months of heavy daily use
    First, the mouthpiece melted on mine as well
    I "fixed" that problem myself...
    Ok I broke the plastic completely off and attached a whip
    That worked for about another month until the ignition switch went out
    So I tossed it and went to V-Tower
    You may have better luck with yours
    Please keep me "posted"...
    Get it "posted"...
  16. The ignition switch is an easy self fix, so that doesn't worry me. Just the plastic attachment.
  17. Awesome!
    You got me there
    I didn't go that far
    But I did destroy the unit attempting to fix it
    Not the first time in my life that has happened
  18. Nice thread. Im all for as much personal experience with vaporizers being posted here as possible.
  19. Thank You!
    Welcome, glad to see you here!
  20. Popping in to say hi. :wave: Any plans for future vapes? :D

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