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    Dont fucking do it.

    EDIT: Much love.
  2. yes sir! anything you say sir!
  3. There is no way I would ever do meth "intentionaly". (fuck bad rolls!) cuz when i overdosed on ritalin (methylphenidate) I was buggin out real fuckin bad like i was seeing rats nd bugs everywhere. Also I swear I saw my sister holding a wall in front of here tryin to sneak up on me so i said wtf are u doin nd then she disapeared. Then I had a seizure, then I was in the ER.
    Yea if I bugged out that bad on ritalin I wouldnt even wanna imagine me on meth.:eek:
  4. It's no fun, the trip itself was just an intense e trip but lasted FOREVER. ( felt just as long as an e trip though ) But everything was alot simpler.

    And i haven't eaten or slept since. Gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  5. I've experienced amphetamine psychosis from too much meth, and that is indeed no fun.

    But I love meth and uppers in general, can make for a great time if you know what you're doing.

  6. smartest thing I have read here today
  7. I read Crank awhile back, and oddly enough, even though it says how much this girl screwed up her life with meth, it actually made me want to try it :confused:

  8. kind of ironic
  9. kinda like how Allison on intervention made me wanna try duster
  10. Good thing you didn't like it.
  11. Amphetamines are a gift from god dudeeeee.. You just need to calm down on your dose a bit buddy, or switch from the crank to some good old d-amph!

    Nothing beats that good up and speedy feeling, especially when you aren't paranoid and don't feel like you have bugs running under your skin!

    I love amphetamines but sadly they aren't for everyone. :(

  12. :hello:

  13. it feels like i'm walking on sunshine!
  14. And like how Steven Adler on celebrity rehab:sober house, made me wanna try smokin heroin:smoking:
  15. never really tried uppers since they aren't as popular in my area. i hear bad shit from all stimulants but whatever i'll try one when the time is right :smoking:
  16. Yep... If I'm gunna risk massive life changing addiction, I'd at least prefer go down, not up...

    Altho some actual reasons on not doing it might help the validity of your thread some.
  17. and kinda like how seeing all the drugs on DEA made me want to buy a gun and go move kilos and elbows

    and kinda like how DARE showed me that its possible to mess with this boring "reality".

    i think weve found the real gateway drug, THE ANTI DRUGS!
  18. either im just really stoned or this man is 100 % correct. i wouldnt have known about pot in like 4th grade if i didnt have dare O.O
  19. same here lmaooo
  20. No offense to the ppl that do them, all respect but the only drugs i would never do are:
    and METH

    Everything else tho....:)

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