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  1. Hey guys. I'm getting some tonight! I think it's like 50 dollars for a half gram. No clue if that's a good deal. I got a pipe to smoke it out of, I''m not gonna shoot/bang it! Anyone else do this shit?
  2. Just one question, why start?
  3. Because it's a drug. And as long as you don't become addicted to a drug, it stays fun. Meaning, doing it like once every couple months. Do this with a couple drugs...
  4. Probably wants to try something new. Everything in moderation.
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    Just one statement. Get out of the box:rolleyes:. I'm getting so sick of some of the things said here, if you don't have any thing to say regarding the OP question WHY bother posting. I am aware that I am not specifically helping the OP except for hopefully keeping these dumb comments out of his post.

    To the OP I have not and never will, but i know there are some people here that will be happy to help/chat about it.

    EDIT: I'm now going to say to all, if someone comes in to the box and clearly is disrupting it's purpose please tell them to GOTB.
  6. Be careful with that shit, bro. Easily addicting.

    I haven't tried it, probably will in the future though. I don't get addicted to anything really and I have strong will power. I just hope you do too.
  7. yeah, have fun with that. it's very very very addictive so be careful on how much you smoke and your doses.

    good vibes and stay safe
  8. I didn't mean to be one of those ignorant pricks who discriminate against people who use certain drugs but i know so people that are never the same because of that stuff, and from what i've heard it's not even that fun of a drug, bugs crawling under your skin and being paranoid, im not saying that those are the only effects, because people wouldn't do it if its not fun, but im pretty sure if you ask an addict if they could stop that first time they would.
  9. no not really
  10. exactly. you can only do something if you TRULY want to. Sure they might say they want to stop, but then they wouldnt be doing it if they really wanted to stop.
  11. Duno what it's worth but $100 a gram is crazy, especially to be going down that road. To each his own.
  12. Meth makes me cringe. Dont get me wrong its a great high, but im prescribed adderall and thats like caffine compared to meth and I hate taking my adderall. But enjoy that shit, your house will be spotless by tomorrow morning lol.
  13. i've never done meth, but i tripped DOB, which is an amphetamine. I couldn't sleep at all, i didn't have much of an appetite either. Felt like i could concentrate forever, and my short term memory loss, or ADD, or whatever was gone, and I felt like i could do anything. I had an amazing sense of rythm and tone, but it was hard to coordinate my fingers on my guitar, and i couldn't read my saxe notes (mostly due to the hallucinogenic effects though). I'm not sure if this is with just DOB or amphetamines in general but i became overly aware of things, and even a couple days after i still notice things better, and whatever fucks with my memory and concentration is gone. Btw my trip was like 25-27 hours. Also the next day i had much better coordination, and for once i wasn't a complete klutz.

    have fuN!:D
  14. I dunno about price but have fun
  15. Have fun, and don't let anyone judge you. Just be careful, use moderation, and make sure you are aware of both the pros and cons of tweaking. OH, and don't forget some herb or some percocets for the comedown.
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    Your wayyy overpaying.

    Tweak is usaully around 35-40$ a gram.

    Shard is much higher.

    EDIT: waittt... you know you cant smoke tweek meth right?
    Its for snorting.
  17. what is shard?

    by the way, i heard benzos are better for the comedown so have some xannies, valium, or kpins handy.

  18. Shard is Crystal Shards of methamphetamine, a form of it.

    tweak is powder, made for snorting, usaully less pure, and much cheaper and much more cut.
  19. Meth is one of the most evil things in this world.
  20. lol, that is all i have to say.

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