Tweed Tunnels creepy..

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  1. Hello! New here & thought I'd share this!  :smoke:
    There's these old world war 1 training tunnels in this place called Nyack NY. DON'T LEAVE YET IF IT SEEMS BORING THERE'S MORE TO IT :eek:. So there's alot of creepy things that happened there in the past, I haven't been there yet but now it's just a chill spot for teenagers to smoke & mess around. But it's a really cool creepy & interesting place & wanted to see if anybody else had stories of it or what they have to say. I'm not going to explain it all but I'll give the link. If it catches you're attention please come back & feel free to talk about it.
    LINK:  :hello:  :hello:
    If it also catches your attention like it did for me there's a few more other stories on google but not alot!

  2. Looks like an awesome place for a terrifying adventure!Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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