tweaked out anxiety attack or going schizo

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    i had been smoking a shit ton of weed for about 3 months, like sometimes up to an eighth a day, but have only been smoking since i was 18 and im only 19 now. there was an 8 month period before these last 3 months where i only smoked once. but one night after smoking i randomly got super disoriented, like i wasnt confused or anything i just didnt feel right in space when i looked around. i dk how to describe it. but it freaked me out and i kept getting more and more panicky about it.

    suddenly i got the worst headache ive ever had in my life in the back of my head, and in my stoned search for a reason why this was happening i started blaming aliens. (this was just a few days after watching the forth kind, and if you havent seen it, it'll scare the shit out of you if you believe it.) it sounds weird at the time but at the moment it seemed rational because in the movie they give evidence that aliens and god are related, and earlier the same day i mockingly raised my middle finger to the sky when one of my friends said something about god. it scared me that i was doing it then but i did it anyway. and dont forget i was high and what having what was possibly an anxiety attack, im just not sure why i felt the way i did before it happened.

    i promise im not retarted i was just in a really bad place and aliens were just one thing that popped in my head and my mind just kind of rolled with it. well after my headache showed up it actually moved through the middle of my head to the front and felt like it was ripping my brain in half. it got to the front of my head and was so painful i pretty much just stopped thinking and surrendered to the pain for a few moments. it dissipated after that but it felt like my brain was fried for a few hours. immediately after the pain went away though i was scared shitless and couldnt stop thinking that either the aliens had somehow invaded my body and ripped my brain up or i was going schizo. when i sobered up the next day i didnt believe those delusions anymore, but everytime i smoked after that i would start tweaking out that every little pain or other kind of feeling i got from inside my body had something to do with lil aliens moving around in me.

    during this time i was always completely aware of my surroundings, my friends were there the whole time and i never once mentioned anything about my delusions because i knew theyd think i was being a crazy asshole. and once before i went to bed i had an auditory hallucination, it was a distorted alien voice just like from the movie the forth kind, and i heard it come through my phone. i stopped smoking after that but ive been suffering from severe anxiety that im going to be hearing voices that arent there in a few months and within a few years ill be locked up in an asylum. ive actually smoked a couple times recently but everytime i remind myself that i might be losing my mind i get really bad anxiety again and i cant tell wether im going crazy again or not.

    from what ive read ive been suffering from derealization ever since that first attack or whatever it was, which was about a month ago now. i used to really love smoking weed ive never been paranoid when i smoked before, its always been a really relaxing experience for me. can anyone tell me definitively what happened to me that night? i know i should see a doctor but i dont have medical insurance. i also dont know if it matters but ive always been able to view the world completely objectively and have never had misconceptions about anyones intentions, and have never before or since had a hallucination.
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  4. No, you haven't. Anyway, it sounds like you just got too fucking high lol and then got a migraine or something. Migraines hurt that bad
  5. ive smoked way more at a time before then the bong hit or two i took before i started feeling disoriented. i know i keep going on about it but ive never felt like i did at that point, i thought i was having a stroke or a brain hemorrhage or something.
  6. Sounds like a panic attack. I usually have one when I smoke, I have pretty bad anxiety anyways but when I smoke sometimes It will feel like ill be having a heart attack and cant breathe, which makes me panic and that will make my heart beat even faster, and its an ongoing thing until your thoughts arent centered on that.

    I smoked everyday for about 2-3 years, then took a month break and when I had my first toke after that break is when I had my first panic attack, and now ever since then I've been having them come and go when I smoke. But yeah I understand some crazy ass shit goes through your mind, its just being panicked/high

    I've also had similar feelings about the aliens, but I was on shrooms. I kept thinking aliens put mushrooms on the earth, and after we had consumed some, it gave them mind controlling powers over us, and that theyve been studying us, and me specifically. But like I said I was on mushrooms

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