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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by XxJWxX, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. This afternoon I made a stupid choice to try some harder drugs. I've done harder drugs in the past and never liked them. I'm cool with hash, weed, and shrooms though. Well anyways, tweaking is gettin kinda popular in Los Angeles...It's kind of like speed. My friend gave me 8 pills and I took 5 today, which was way more then im supposed to. It's now 5 in the morning pacific time and i've been up the whole damn night because of it. I feel sick and weak but i cant go to sleep. Oh well, at least I learned my lesson now..I'll give my friend the pills for like 60 mgs of aderall is good..
  2. here in the bay area, tweaking is when you're on speed. in fact speedfreaks are called tweakers up here... talk about diffrent terminology! so exactly what kind of pills did you take? just curious!

    ack gross. stay away from things that keep you up all night. they give you that icky feeling in the morning.
  3. im still awake....And yeah, tweak over here is basically speed. It's a white pill and it says A690 on the front.
  4. I did way too much once and thought my heart was going to beat out of my fuckin' chest. Sleep wasn't an option and I couldn't eat to get rid of the sick feeling. I was scared. I learned my lesson, too!
  5. I really doubt that what you took was "tweek"

    tweek here in san diego Is a slang term for crystal which to my knowledge does not come in pill form..I could be wrong tho


    it's a quick way to go down the wrong path in life...Anyway plz don't ruin your life

    Have a great day everyone and enjoy the herb

  6. Tweekers Suck.
  7. I live in the meth capitol of the country. There are so many damn meth labs in Salt Lake. My biggest problems is the labs are just ticking bombs. Every few months some [edit] blows up his house and the hazmat team has to come in and decontaminate the whole street! Only thing worse is the meth labs that people set up in thier cars.
  8. I live in los angeles so they have pretty much every drug you can think of over here. In fact, I have at least 4 hooks (dealers) that I could call up and have pretty much whatever I want delivered to my house (yes, thats how easy it is). Meth is easy as fuck to get over here but I dont even bother, meth is what all the poor people usually use when they cant afford anything better. The feeling I had the other day wore off, it kept me up for 36 hours straight though...Oh well, I aint doin that shit anymore.
  9. What I would give to live in a town with Samsons Delivery Service! :p
  10. the time i tried coke i was wanting to run around the fucking block and clean my friends house.

    i tried taking this stuff they sell at gas stations its called ephedrine i took about 6 and was shaking like a leaf and paronoid as shit.. lasted for about 2-3 hrs..
  11. I did coke when I was 13 :( I was running into my friends and the walls like a moshpit and laughing because of the pain)..I'll never snort or shoot anything again.

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