'twas a sad day. RIP JBD

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  1. So earlier today i let my brother borrow my bong, a Jerome Baker straight tube (14"?). anyway, about .6 minutes of being home he drops it right on the joint. these are the results lol.


    ya, pretty sad. good thing i just got an 18" medicali straight tube w/ tree perc. I'll be posting vids soon :smoking:
  2. You should convert it to a GonG witha grom... just an idea?
  3. that sucks. I'm sorry man, hope it wasn't your first bong. I still always miss my first bong. haha, those were the days... If you look in my past posts you can seee it. Good luck on the next bong.
  4. lol ya AEC that actually was my first bong but i'm gonna clean it and take it to a headshop i know of that fixes pieces and stuff to see if it's worth it to put a new joint on it.
  5. I hope your brother pays for the repair or replacement.
  6. R.I.P. JBD, Looks Like a nice Tube man if you knew some glass blowers im sure that could easily be fixed.
  7. that looks like an easy fix, bring it to a glass blower, it may be cheap enough to fix it.

  8. yes, very easy fix.
  9. lololol medicali hahahahahahahaha

    btw medicalis are pretty weak.. my friend had one and the tree perc worked but it had hella drag.
  10. that sucks dude. and lol at the .6 minute thing.
    eryone i know that smokes always say like .5 mins n shit.
  11. i always use decimals when i talk about amounts of things, including time

    fractions and minutes are overrated

    shitty situation about that bong bro, but it looks like a pretty easy fix if you can get it to a glass blower

  12. man your friend must have a defective bong or something cuz my medicali wrecks it non-stop. without drag.

    but ya i talked to a dude and he said he could take care of the joint for $50 so i'll probably do that although putting that money towards a bomb ashcatcher sounds like a better investment. i mean it's like my first bong and i don't plan on just throwing it away over a little joint f-up so what do yall think, should i put the repairs on the back burner and spring for the ashcatcher?
  13. Aw man, I'm so sorry, that looked like a nice bong man. Well, on the optimistic note now you can go shopping for a new one.
  14. [​IMG]


    my brother went and got it fixed today. the JBD was been resurrected. although it's already been like 4 days so it's got nothing on jesus. nonetheless i'm happy with the final results :D
  15. god damn your lucky i fucking love that tube!!!!!!!! heres my friends jbd



  16. lucky they were able to fix it. a broken baker is a sad sad sight.
  17. dude i am a glassblower, i fix tubes like that all the time, i even offer a mail order repair service if you cant drop it off in person. send me a pm if you wanna get it fixed

  18. if u scrolled you would have seen its already been fixed...
  19. word, first time I hit a medicali mini perc I had never heard of it before....and that thing ripped so nicely, I was waay surprised, but in later experiences with more medicali's that's just how they roll

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