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  1. Hello, first post on grasscity but been reading about growing for years. Was even lucky enough to read up alot on OG (r.i.p) a few years back. Been wanting to try this for years but recently i saw a perfect grow box and came across a few master kush and bubbalicious seeds so figured i'd finally give it a go.

    Found the perfect cabinet at big lots for 50 bucks
    Started germinating seeds last thursday and planted 2 on saturday
    The 2 planted are mk, sadly the bubba has yet to show any signs of life

    Current setup, currently the cups are on the 2nd shelf as the bottom will be used for a mother later

    Any questions or suggestions welcome!
  2. Well still no life in the bubba seeds, starting to think they're a lost cause and the 2 MK's i planted still havnt sprouted.. wonder if i already did something horrible wrong? lol
  3. So i think i messed up with the potting soil, i used scott's premium potting soil 7.1.3 and it says it feeds for up to 4 months... can anyone tell me if thats what went wrong? The 2 mk i've planted are dead never sprouted so i'd like to know if its the soil before planting anything else. Thanks for the help
  4. The top 2 causes of seedling death :

    -soil too hot (too much ferts, high eC, wrong pH)

    Get some seedling soil and don't give'em too much water.
    Seedling are so small they allmost use no water at all.
  5. I didnt water them at all, 15 minutes before i planted them i watered the soil and let it drain so yea i do believe it was the soil... i'll head out today and pick up some better soil and try this again, thanks.

  6. So you swamped it?
    There's not supposed to be any drain in the first watering.
  7. Well according to the germination guide it says to water it let it drain for 10-15 mins then plant your germinated seed which is exactly what i did. Then covered it with a baggy.
  8. Opinions vary here but the germination guide is wrong there I think.
    (unless they told you to sterilize the soil first)

    If you take one of those plastic cups and swamp it like that and then cover it with a plastic baggy chances of mold and rot are very high.
    No way for the water to escape, a few organics, 100% RH = rot and fungi.
  9. Lol well there were drainage holes at the bottom, and everyone here recommends that 420 germ guide so... idk
    What do you suggest i do? I picked up some seedling soil and would like your opinion.
  10. Awesome, thanks for the help guys appreciate it
  11. You can use the same plastic cups and seedling soil.
    Just stick the seeds in the soil and water lightly, so that you can see the top 1/2 of the soil in the cup being wet through the plastic.
    (the other 1/2 is wet too just not that wet that excess water sticks to the plastic)

    No plastic covers or fancy tricks just let 'it' evaporate a bit.
    Seeds will absorb some water and swell up.
    Once that's done they'll have enough water inside themselves to grow a taproot down which reaches a few cms in a matter of a few days.
    Once you got the taproot, make sure that the seedlings don't dry out completely, they don't like that when young.
    I never water in the first 9 days or so with this 'technique', germination rates around 90%.
    (mind you the soil can dry out quicker at high temps and lots of ventilation so check every day)

    Be sure to stick the seeds in deep enough for if you do water them when the seeds have no taproot yet the seeds can 'float' around and end up on the side of the cup not in the middle.

    Maybe other techniques can lead to higher germination rates, but who has space for those weaklings anyway?
  12. i have like a 99% germ rate with just putting a seed in the soil and putting a little water on it.

    you people make growing more difficult than it is.. lol
  13. Lol, well its my fault for buying a crappy soil even when i knew better. You're probably right alot of this is made alot harder than it needs to be... but hey trial n error. I appreciate the help and i'll have this journal actually moving within a few days, wish me luck!

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