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TV while high?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tuttle420, Nov 2, 2014.

  1. I've been blazin for a few years now. When I first started smoking I always enjoyed it immensely. The munchies, the laughter, the crazy ideas, video games, movies... They were all just awesome.

    After some crazy life events and a couple months sobriety, my highs started to kind of change. Now, when I smoke I go through waves of good and bad experiences. The weirdest thing is that I can't watch TV while I'm high any more. As soon as I start watching I space out and get really crazy thoughts about the characters and freak out. This started after I tried dabs for the first time. We dabbed and watched a movie, and during the movie the main characters eyes literally turned bright green (they weren't supposed to be green). After that, her outline started to come apart in black, green, and purple lines. It looked demonic, but I was the only one who saw it. It has happened once again since then, but generally I just can't watch TV while high.

    Anyone else experience anything similar to this?
  2. No, this is a forum for adults.
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  3. You didn't smoke weed or wax sounds like
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  4. Nothing like that, but tv used to be HILARIOUS when high but now what happens is that I notice all the bad acting and it ruins it for me:(
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  5. Its the illuminati subliminal symbols on tv, they also play frequencies of sound that you cant hear but they affect your cognitive abilities. Maybe you being high actually makes them stand out for you
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  6. you should try blinking every once in a while. You know how you get a staring problem and dont blink..then things sort of kind of trip out in a way? i think that is your issue.
  7. This happens more often than you think: Basically weed high isn't as hallucinogenic as you described, so your weed was either laced with a hallucinogenic drug, OR (most common since lacing weed is not profitable for a dealer) some dealers but your weed in baggies that have already had other drugs in, so some could of got onto your weed. Or you could just of got to a new kind of high you haven't experienced by smoking more than usual. Everything affects everyone differently so this could just be how you react to weed. Either way at least you know you didn't get ripped off...must of been some dank shit lol ;)
  8. Maybe you smoked too much and sketched out? That doesn't really sound normal man

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    Okay guys yes this is a forum for adults but that doesn't mean that we can't help "tuttle420"
    I think that what Lucid_high was saying has a lot of truth in it but the truth to this story could lay a little closer to home.
    To say you sketched out is basically an understatement, I'm going to be your very best friend and keep it BLUNT with you haha, like what I did there? I'm going to go as far as saying you've fucked it mate, excuse my language, I think It's a probable schizophrenic reaction to a very strong mind altering drug such as marijuana, It's like this, some people can handle it, they hit a bong and cabbage out for a while, where as others just go west, I've seen youths end up in a loony bin because they where tooting too many zoots. My boy weeman started seeing everything in shiny edition when high, and i've started having a few bad experiences when high, I put this down to stress and surroundings, but you my mate, I think you should get some immediate medical help. It's better to be safe than sorry, it could be a mixture of your psychosis, or surroundings, or stress, or depression, or the subliminal messages on TV causing your brain to skeng out but I'd just get down to a psychologist and get an assessment, I hope everything turns out fine, message me and let me know how it goes. Try not to watch too many ads, peace!
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  10. Your avatar always drags me in.
  11. Ahahaha lmao
  12. Just finished season 8 last night man. Wheres my season 9?
  13. I've started having bad highs lately, almost as if not enjoyable (Because I'm so tired or something) could this be down to the indica strain? It's good bud. Would my experiences be better with sativa? (Sativa is as rare as purple dog shit around here atm lol)
    Where are you from? Definitely get onto the sativa strains, no more of that Kush! Dr. Deactivated prohibits you!
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  15. #15 bushsmokerkushsmoker, Nov 3, 2014
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    Some people say it's not like being high, therefore unenjoyable? Will have to try next time I pick up :) Oh and in the U.K (no dispensarys for us for a looong time lol)
  16. I have a form of this.

    For me, I bond really deeply with characters and I immense myself in the story experiencing as many details as I can.

    Twisted movies are the worst. At the end I feel like my heart had been torn out and eaten in front of me.

    That's why I usually watch kung fun flicks, comedies, or philosophical joints.

    sent from my brains asshole
  17. yeah homie you didn't smoke weed. was your shit laced? sorry this happened to you. i literally can't think of anything scientifically about true marijuana that would make this happen to you. not trying to be a bitch, but the phrase "sounds like a personal problem" comes to mind here. 😂

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