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Tv Too Intense

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mrmuffinman, May 25, 2013.

  1. Ever get so high that any emotional or intense mOment in a show or movie makes you almost panic id say? Like my heart goes fast and i get anxious if the situation is really intense? Idk if im making any sense
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    Hahaha yeah idk if you've ever seen the show Criminal Minds but I've gotten wayyy into that before while high lol.
    I've nearly shit myself on more than one occasion while watching Criminal Minds high.  
  4. Yes that happened to me in the movie The green mile. The dry sponge scene made me fuckin squirm in my chair., Stephen King is awesome.
    Oh god, I got really high and then watched the ones with Tim Curry as the Prince of Darkness.  BAD IDEA. :eek: :bolt: :unsure:
  6. Nope lol wish I could say what its like to know the feeling but I do not, good sir.
  7. haha ya thats why i normally watch family guy and shows like that when im high
  8. Oh yeah. I watch swamp people and when he lost Tyler I was actually scared, and the part when he finds him and he's chasing him after he takes Bruce's hat..... I actually cried from joy

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  9. Not emotionaly but i've been so high i can't look at a screen without feeling-motion sickness(like)
  10. anyone ever seen a real touching moment on TV or a abused animal commercial or sum shit, and start tearing up like a bitch? yeah, thats me when i'm smacked. 
  11. I've definitely had it where there's been some epic scene in a movie or show (Dragon Ball Z comes to mind) where my throat will get clenched and I'll get chills because of the epicness of it
  12. I don't even own a tv.....
    Don't care for it...
    Yet definitely get something similar from music...and from reading....
  13. Any of you ever seen the movie Heavy Metal? its from like 1980, and it is definitely the trippiest
  14. that movie's great. lots of boobies though.
  15. Somethings telling me the boobies are what make it great
  16. I don't have trouble with things I wouldn't normally have trouble with sober i.e. I'm not a fan of scary movies sober, so I definitely don't watch them high. But watching Inception in my buddie's mancave with the subwoofer turned up :eek: I love intense/epic movies, especially stoned!
  17. I remember I was high and I saw this movie where the theme of the movie was based on racism and discrimination, it wasn't a documentary but actual movie. It was a modern KKK group except they attacked citizens that were any kind of dark skin complexion; one dude wore a mask and bagged a lady and then chocked the shit out of her with a rope! This moment was immediately intense because I imagined the lady like some kind of friendly grandma in your local neighborhood. Violent movies make me paranoid me but Romantic Comedies give me a boner lol
  18. yeah yo i remember the first time i got high, right after i watched criminal minds, holy fuck i shat bricks when i saw blood and shit haha. fucked up shit for reall yoo
  19. No man, I gotta watch some breaking bad next time if that's the case!

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