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    This is one of the best shows happening right now. I love it. Bella Ramsey's acting is top notch. Award worthy.
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  2. It’s a good show. I wish they did something else besides zombies. That trope has been overdone imo. Still great performances and decent writing have a way of making the show enjoyable to watch.
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  3. It's actually based on a video game, though I never played it. Supposed to be released on Windows soon so that may change. But at least they are different zombies and they have different types. All are damn aggressive though, so I like that. Not the slow shuffling type. In the game I heard the infection was spread through spores so you would wear a mask to protect yourself, but in the show they went with the typical bite. Guess they didn't want the actors in masks all the time. But all that said, the zombies haven't been a huge part of the show yet. I assume that will change.
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  4. Can I ask have you played the games at all??? As a gamer I can't bring myself to watch the show.. the actors look nothing alike the originals man :bolt:

  5. Ignore my other reply I missed this lol
  6. That personally wouldn't bother me. I don't mind changes myself.
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  7. I watched both of the games and I disagree lol - some scenes are super surreal because it is JUST like the game.
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  8. Tried to play the video game and just couldn't get into it. Too slow for me.
  9. Great show. I'm two episodes behind after tonight but it's good. Love the games as well but maybe not quite as much as some other people...

    I thought the first two episodes were absolutely fantastic and has kind of fallen off a bit afterwards, still good just hasn't been the same 10/10 as the first two episodes for me
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  10. Episodes # 6 & 7 were my faves so far. # 8 was OK, but I think the weakest of the bunch. Had some violence in there though.
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  11. Season finale tonight.
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  12. Sweet been waiting to binge it once it all came out. Can't stand waiting for episodes to drop. Neflix has ruined me!

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  13. That was a great ending to the season. I was expecting it to go down the way it did though.
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  14. I’m not familiar with the games but apparently the show is following them pretty closely.

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