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tv shows seem fake when im high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mc9391, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Whenever im blazed watchin tv shows on netflix they seem so fake and funny to me. they just seem so fake and funny and surreal to me everytime. Does anyone else get this and understand where im comin from? IM high as fuck
  2. i know exactly what ur talkin about, bro
  3. The thing is though, they are fake.
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    yup movies too they seem cheesy I just laugh at the actors, I try not to watch movies high it just ruins it. I saw fast five high and I was just laughing the netire time because the rock is always wearing an under armour and his arms are all oiled up and normally i wouldnt care for shit like that but its amusing when high.
  5. I see what you mean. Sometimes when blazed I won't see it as the story and show, but like I'm on the set watching the actors say their lines
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  6. You're tripping me out bruh.
  7. Pay attention to what make's you laugh. Hollywood is a very sick place, nothing's real . Those "reality" show's are not real. Everything on the TV Is 100% fake. Honestly, is your life anything even CLOSE to that of what they display?

    God save us all...

  8. So you're saying.... Jerry springer isn't real? O.O
  9. I know what you mean, however that 70s show high as fuck is hilarious.
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    Ever walked down a busy street high as fuck and everything seems like it's 2D/cartoon-like besides yourself (not full-on visual-wise, but it just feels like it).

    Yeah that shits awesome when that happens, only think I've had that experience once or twice though :(

  11. LMAO i watched Blue Streak with Martin Lawerence and iwas laughing my ass off it just seemed soo fake and yet funny haha
  12. Totally. I use to watch Netflix tv (before I dumped their asses for being corporate tools and a disgrace to business) and I remember when i use to watch tv shows while high, I would think I was watching a cartoon and then realize it was "real" people. It freaked me out every time.
  13. When I watch tv baked I feel as if I can predict how scenes were staged and see when other chars are q'd onto the set.
    Idk thats just me
  14. Really? Idk, the last thing I watched really high was Lord of the Rings and goddamn it was AMAZING and as real as possible.

    TV shows seem weird and kind of more artsy and fuzzy looking than I would normally see them while high.

  15. This. :(
  16. When I'm really high I think real life looks even more fake than tv
  17. I know exactly what your talking about...

    Everytime me and my girlfriend watch movies on netflix( A LOT) We just laugh at it and make fun of the actors because of how horrible it is.

    Truth is though netflix streaming doesn't have that high rated of movies
  18. watch something with good production value... and this won't happen.

    there are some really good films coming out of korea, norway, sweden which are really made for a western audience.

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