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  1. This part of GC I noticed seems to be under the radar. In my opinion, TV is dead. It's a form of media that will not last more than 20 years more, I think. Has anyone but me actually watched TV without criticizing it? It's terrible!
  2. well then dont watch it??
  3. I'm with you; not just commercials but TV just seem like we all are babbling fools, and will believe anything.
  4. I feel like I have a snide comment for everything that television has to offer. Be that a good or bad thing...
  5. welldo you have tivo? i mean i love tv. i love the office, southpark, most of adult swim,colbert report,and too much other shit to name. i mean fuck just watch the discovery channel sober and its fucking amazing
  6. I don't see whats so bad about tv. Its pretty entertaining and kills time.
  7. I don't mind TV. Eventually, computers might just show TV shows if that's what you meant by no more television, but I think I'd get bored after a while without any sort of TV.

  8. Great selection! I totally agree. You get a nice 1080p tv and watch discovery in HD. I can sit there all day.
  9. Yeah, I actually agree that tv will die off as a media source, not anytime soon, though. I actually rarely watch tv anymore, its been about a week since I've actually sat down and watched a show I've wanted to watch. I think that advertisement, coupled with the general lowering of the intelligence level of some networks is what's killing tv in general. Have you actually turned on a kids channel during the day to watch the kind of crap tv networks are showing? I remember when there were actual live action sit coms, good ones, on kids networks, but man, now they have shows that are basically just gibberish for half an hour with commercials every five to ten minutes. Blarg, but that's just my opinion...

  10. My girl has tivo. I love it, actually. That's really the only way I'll watch TV. I actually think that tivo is going to become the standard and TV will become a service in which you can choose what you want to watch from a HUUUGE computer system bank of television shows and movies.

    Love colbert man. haha:smoke:

  11. totally agree man +rep.

    When we were kids, I remember so many shows actually being entertaining. You turn on the TV now for kids, it's all product placement and laugh tracks. I mean, not only are we telling kids what is funny (check out any disney channel show), but we are also shaping them to become mass consumers (it's pretty gross).
  12. it makes you stupid. look at the number of girls in this country who dont know how to act. they watch vh1 and mtv and realize HEY! i can act like a snotty stupid spoiled bitch too! and guys think how can i get with those bitches? OH I KNOW! i'll just pick up cues from the guys on tv that date those girls. EPIC FAIL. hey guys! mtv said go fuck yourself!
  13. They already do.
  14. Well I watch only movies/shows/cartoons on tv. I find my news on the net believe it or not, search what I want, not what they want me to see on tv. Tv is a good source of entertainment if used wisely..if not its a mind waster.

    Itll be around for a long long long time...
  15. Sunday August 17, 6:36 pm ET
    AP Business News

    Pew study shows Americans still get most news from TV, as online gains and newspapers struggle NEW YORK (AP) -- Fewer Americans are reading newspapers and are instead getting their news online, but television remains the leading source of news in the country, according to a survey released Sunday.

    Not surprisingly, younger people tend to get more of their news on the Internet, while older folks use traditional media such as television and newspapers, the Pew Research Center's biannual survey on news consumption habits said.
    Pew said the results show an increasing shift toward online news consumption, but that there is now a sizable group of a more engaged, sophisticated and well-off people that use both traditional and online sources to get their news.

    The Pew researchers referred to these people as "integrators," and says they account for 23 percent of those surveyed, spending the most time with the news on a typical day.
    "Like Web-oriented news consumers, integrators are affluent and highly educated. However they are older, on average, than those who consider the Internet their main source of news," the survey said.
    It is this group that advertisers typically like to target, which helps explain why newspaper publishers have seen sharp declines in ad revenues as spending shifts online.
    Pew found that the largest group of news consumers -- 46 percent of those polled -- have a "heavy reliance" on television for their news at all times of the day. This group is the oldest, with a median age of 52, and least affluent, with 43 percent unemployed. They are unlikely to own a computer or go online for news.

    Overall, among those who get some of their news from TV, fewer are watching the 6:30 broadcast network newscasts, and instead opting for cable news sources such as CNN or Fox News Channel. CNN's audience is now majority Democratic, while 39 percent of Fox News viewers are Republicans, 33 percent Democrats, with the remainder independent or didn't specify.

    The group that relies most on the Internet for news is the youngest at a median age of 35. It is also the smallest, at 13 percent of those polled. Fewer than half of them watch television news on a regular basis. Eighty percent of this group has a college education and they are twice as likely to read an online newspaper than a printed version.

    The emergence of this group and the shift among integrators online led to an overall decline in the percentage of people who said they read a newspaper the day before, to 34 percent from 40 percent two years ago, the researchers found. That is also reflected in a shift in the industry that has seen circulation figures slip in recent quarters.

    The beneficiary of less print newspaper consumption has been other online news sources, with about 25 percent of the people surveyed saying they go to an Internet site for news at least three times a week. That's up from 18 percent in the 2006 survey.
    Pew found that consumers of online news tend to be more educated than those who get their news from traditional sources, with 44 percent of college graduates saying they read news online every day. Just 11 percent of those who topped out with a high school education go online for news.
    About one-third of those younger than 25 said they get no news on a typical day, up from about 25 percent in 1998.

    The survey was conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates International. It polled 3,615 adults 18 years or older by telephone between April 30 and June 1, and has a margin of error of 2 percentage points.
  16. hmm...apparently none of you guys have discovered that "That 70s Show" and "Scrubs" is on pretty much everyday:D But seriously, those are pretty much the only shows I watch besides "The Office (when its on)" and the news. There is usually something entertaining going on in Houston, even if it is an overly exaggerated news story containing 70% bull shit. It still is fun to watch.
  17. ^^ true yo. I have found that there is humor behind it all when you look at it from how stupid the TV actually is. Occasionally I'll laugh at a really stupid local news report and my gf will be like "thats not funny! people got hurt!" and i go "yeah but you have to look at the big picture, this is just portrayed in a way that makes it seem like (whatever whatever) is bad!"
  18. Yeah i just record the shows that i like to watch and wait till its done so i dont have to sit through annoying commercials

  19. hahahaa i was just about to say that, and i dont mind law and order and criminal minds since i like pscology(even though most cops r assholes and i knt spell pscology)

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