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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by j.r tolkin, Oct 9, 2003.

  1. everyone should be smoking tutors they are all the craze down in suffolk and norfolk. heres what you have to do.
    you need a bottle and a drop pipe or an actual bong to do this. first you make sure that the bottle or bong is airtight then you have the pipe coming out of the water so it hubbles on the water when u tolk. pack the tip of the drop pipe with a pinch of bakkie (used as a plug weed can be used also as a plug) then sprinkle the draw on the top, you need roughly two times the amount of bakkie as draw. or if u r using weed the same thing apllies. then light the pipe where the joy is at and tolk lightly till it feals soft then pull really hard so that the draw vanishes down the pipe into the bottle (bong). now that is a hit.
  2. bakkie? tobacco? i dunno what draw is. but um. it sounds like just a regular old bong hit.. and no thank you on the tobacco part. mixxing tobacco with weed is a mortal sin in the church of american weed smokers. :D
  3. Yah I just got confused by that...I know how to take a bong hit...and I dont think its like that...or if it is I guess I wouldnt know how to explain it...
  4. look people tutors are completely different to bongs. and draw is what you might call resin. tutors dont use a gauze and are a bigger hit then a bong. i thought that everyone new what they were.

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