Tutorial For Bathroom Smoking (for the paranoid smoker)

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  1. Some of you may not be able / allowed to smoke in your home. And we can't always go outside because sometimes it's raining or in my case you were on vacation in Connecticut where it is too damn cold outside at this time of the year. :p
    So here's what I did to stay stealth on family vacation. If you follow all of these steps, you're highly unlikely to get caught.

    1) Prepare all of your items and wrap them in a towel. You'll need a bowl, your lighter, obviously you're green , eye drops, and a sploof.
    (I wrapped my materials up and put them in a sock since I have a mini bong thats rather hard to hide)

    2) Go into the bathroom. One of the key concepts here is timing . If your like me where people already accuse you of constantly being baked, this is a very important step. Pack your bowl and leave aside whatever else your going to smoke after that. (So your not scrambling while high and wasting time in the bathroom) or losing things / dropping them. ( I'm a clumsy stoner lol )

    3) get your sploof if you don't know what it is look it up and if you have no dryer sheets get a few sheets of toilet paper fold nicely and spray lots of axe on each side . Use that as your dryer sheet. (It'll work because I had to do this )

    4) open the window. Make sure all vents are covered / closed so the smell doesent leak out into the house.

    5) turn the shower on and put in eyedrops so you don't look blazed when you're done

    6) so you don't lose track of time set a stopwatch and pay attention. Make it your goal to only take 10-15 minutes to toke, or else people will get suspicious of you being in there for so long. I can usually suck up about three bowls in this time

    make sure your blowing it out the window through the sploof .
    Spray air freshener or axe every once and a while and if a hit gets loose without the sploof. Try to ghost your hits to reduce smoke and intensify high.

    When your finished use a towel to fan the smoke through the window so it's not smokey in there.

    Make sure you close the window and put your supplies away. Wrap them in your sock in your dirty clothes.

    Get in the shower turn it on nice and hot and use alot of soap to mask smell of pot.

    You should be high as hell if you can get done what I do in those ten minutes. So just double check that you didn't drop weed on the floor or by the window while you might've been trippin.

    Spray perfume one more time, brush your teeth, and leave.

    Complicated process but being careful keeps ya safe ;) especially while on vacation

    Soo glad I don't have to go through all that every day. Phew!
  2. Nice guide and welcome to the city.

    This would've been a bit better if it was placed in Apprentice Tokers or Tokers Q&A though..I'm sure some people will still find this helpful.
  3. Thank you :) and ill post one there too when I get a chance ! Thanks for the info
  4. i live in utah, just go outside and stop being a wimp. lol, it was -5 degrees last night and i just put on a jacket and went an toked, no need to sketch.

  5. Yeah, this is just for people that have no other choice. It's quite noticeable walking outside for some people especially if there's family around and stuff.
    I agree with you, I like smoking in the cold anyway, feels nice .
  6. If your bathroom doesn't have windows, can you blow it into the fan?
  7. You could but to have to make sure it doesent go to a vent that goes anywhere into the house. I wouldint smoke in there without a window tho. Risky :/ you could always smoke in the shower with the hot water on and blow the smoke into the water. Don't get your green wet though
  8. Make sure you put out the cherry too when your done with the hit
  9. Heh. Been doin it in the bathroom for years. Since i smoke when my family is asleep, i dont have to take any precautions anymore

  10. I did this all when they were in bed haha everyone in my family is a light sleeper. Not for nothing but smoking is definitely more enjoyable when your not paranoid and having to mask the smell.

    I've been doing it for years too haha you become a pro bathroom smoker after a while ;D

  11. I left the towel under the door part out by accident but I always do that. :D the scented candle is a rather fabulous idea though!
  12. OP stop being so selfish and share your weed with the family

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