Turtles leading cops to marijuana plants

Discussion in 'General' started by Stoner420Chick, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Just saw this on the news, thought it was pretty interesting. Figured you guys might be interested in checking it out.


    The turtle had a GPS system on him and found some plants. The article is pretty boring, it was better on TV.
  2. Dont blame the turtle. He just smelled the plants and thought 'jackpot!'
  3. My sister has a turtle and she made a leash for it.

    I'm going to take it outside and let it lead the way!
  4. feel bad for the guy who got caught.

    the article didnt really go into detail.

    was this purposely done, to have turtle find some weed, or just an accident?
  5. All I can picture is a bunch of cops behind a turtle going "C'mon boy, find the weed!" Then the turtle walks very slowly with the group of cops following eagerly behind it...
  6. lololololololololol
    i fucking love turtles
  7. That sucks so much for that kid
  8. for a 5 sentence article, you must not have paid much attention...

    "National Park Service employee discovered the marijuana plants while tracking a box turtle outfitted with GPS for research purposes."
  9. Damn turtle so cute. He foundeded the dope.
  10. damn turtles
  11. Lol, did you actually read the article? Maybe you're just really blazed? Lets go with the latter :smoke:
  12. WTF is up with all these animals making drug busts?!?!:confused::confused:
  13. Yeah i read about that. I guess turtles have super marijuana smell or something.
  14. THAT MOTHER FUCKING TURTLE GRASSED THE KID@ im goign to go right into his fucking first block class and smash his shell in with a baseball bat in front of all his little home carrying companions and than im going to go to jail for it under attempted murder charges and than go to a web forum and act like a hard ass while im sucking on my mommas titties because im a little bitch IRL.

    but seriously, that turtle was prolly like WTF is this plant *eats it* holy.fuck. i think im dieing, time is going by really really slow.

    why did the turtle cross the road?
    to get the to marijuana feild
  15. :bolt:
  16. i think i laughed harder than i have in awhile after seeing that smilie:smoke:

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