Turtle Leads Police to Marijuana Field; Teen Charged

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by PsXtreme, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. Rock Creek Park

    U.S. Park Police?

    What kind of dumbass grows in a Park?
  2. Yah that is pretty crazy and scary!! In sandisfield Mass, my home town, we just had the second biggest drug bust ever in massachuestts and a couple of years ago we had the biggest! (biggest being the most plants and highest cost setup!!

  3. That's just not factual... There have been huge drug busts all ove ma and the biggest ones have all been around springfeild and boston..
  4. Eugh that makes me sick...They're charging him with intent to distribute?

    Shady fucks
  5. Nineteen? Poor kid, man. He still has his life ahead of him, and this is really going to fuck him over... just for growin' a couple plants..
  6. I saw this story on my local news, pissed me off to the point i never wanted to watch the news again.. They found a few plants on a TOTAL fluke because of some gps equipped turtle, and like 5446 already said.. the rest of this guys life is fucked just because the media knew it would be a big joke story that would probly generate alot of interest.. they're sittin there with their ugly news faces makin jokes about the turtle n shit.. fuck
  7. Damn thats fucked up they couldnt have just tore them down but they watched the kid go back and care for them to catch him. Sucks balls for that kid
  8. Seriously the kids of the future are all being locked up over bullshit just decriminalize it and make room in cells for rapist, murderers, and so called terriost
  9. i love the "so called terrorist" bit. i think we could get along if by that you mean there is no terrorist threat to us appart from our own goverments.
  10. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^6 thats wat he means i think i agree withe terrorist thing
  11. dude it gave a number to call if you have information i'm gunna call and tell them theyre dicks and thats fucked up. think i should? anyone who thinks thats a good idea you do it to.
  12. i think it was some of the mexican mafia that strarted to grow in the national parks in cali...yea man pretty crazy stuff
  13. Im sorry but i have to Lmao at the turtle with fucking Gps finding it what are the chances youd get caught by a Gps turtle thats stoner luck....

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