turtle eggs!!

Discussion in 'General' started by skittlette, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. there is a female digging up spots in my yard looking for a place to lay her eggs!! :yay:

    im hoping that she doesnt finish before my mum comes with the camera...

    its a painted turtle btw...

    im thinking about grabbing some of the garden soil *its nice and loose* and putting it in a 30g tank and letting her dig there, that way they dont get dug up by some damn raccoon...:mad:

    :ive got over 15 other nests in my yard, most of them were already dug up last night...egg shells EVERYWHERE!::mad:

    im really excited about watching her lay and then in a few months watching the babies hatch...if they dont hatch by winter it means that chances are they are planning on hibernating in the nest, in which case ill just bring them in and keep them untill spring...keep them in the basement so it stays cool tho and they dont come out all over my house! lolz...even if that happened though i dont thinki would mind:p
  2. mmmmm turtle stew. lol

    Do you live next to an ocean?
  3. thats tight dude and ^^ EWW
  4. Theres gotta be some way to keep racoons from fucking with the eggs..

    get a motion sensor light or someshit lol
  5. i do not live near an ocean, i live near a river, pond, a swamp and other numerous wetlands...wildlife is a common sight around here, foxes, coon, grinners, etc...

    we have motion lights, doesnt phase them:rolleyes:
    ive also considered putting mesh over the nest site, but i have no definite way to tell when they will hatch, so removing the mesh for when they hatch is not going to work

    its a painted turtle, and they SHOULD hatch anywhere between 30-50 days...so yeah, no real tellin:p
  6. i wanna turtle
  7. ya I live next to a river too and tons of raccoons. We have an outside cat and the raccoons eats her food. So we trap them in a cage and take them miles up the river and drop them off. After catching about 5 or so they have stopped. Now its Blue Jay's eating the cat food pretty ironic.

    Oh I asked about the ocean because once turtles have been hatched it is illegal for you to help them get to the ocean. I watch this discovery thing and guy had to just watch the birds have a free lunch while the baby turtles tried to run as fast as they could to the ocean.
  8. yea that happend in my back yard like 3 years ago. i had the same racoon problem but that was nothing a .22 couldnt solve. mine was a snapping turtle though. and there were about 8 babies that came out. it was pretty cool. i didnt see them hatch but i saw them crawling across my lawn.
  9. Turtle eggs and bacon. MMmm my favourite.

    Nah in seriousness that's pretty cool.
  10. yes it is illegal, its because during that time of year the other animals depend on the baby turtles for food
    when these guys hatch im just going to let them go where they belong...end of story
    not keeping any, need to much room, dont feel like spending that kinda money on an animal that hundreds of them live basically in my back yard..

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