Turns out.. my roomie's cool with it!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by G13, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. You might have caught my other thread in the rec center, but I had to make one here. So here's a quick summary of the situation:

    I bought a $600 vaporizer this weekend (The Volcano) and was fucking GEEKED to get it back to the dorm room and try it out. I knew I had the entire night to myself and got a solid 5-6 lungs of pure, heavenly vapor out of it. The next morning (today) I get a bag and then chill cuz I knew my roomie would be back soon. Finally.. he gets home...

    So I started talking to him about a friend he was telling me about who smoked. He was like "I really don't care about it, he just had a problem controlling it and now is going no where". Well needless to say, I am going somewhere and have a good handle on my life, so I just came out and told him so. He was like cool and I said "So you wouldn't have a problem with me if I smoked?" he said no, of course not. Then I popped the question - "Would you care if I ever ripped in the room? No smell, no problems like that, but I wanted to ask you before I went ahead and did anything".... "Sure bro, I don't care at all."

    God.Yes!! I'm going to get another lung or two in right now as a victory. I'll be back GC but how cool is that shit??
  2. Cooler than an Eskimo's testicles in december.
  3. yo man think how unbelievably cold that fucker would be. damn im cold thinking about it. seriously. holy shit talk about shrinkage.

    damn im really high.

    awesome about your roommate, OP... i can only pray mine is the same way...

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