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Turns out Britain, Qatar, France, sent special forces to Libya

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Americandutchyz, Jan 22, 2012.

  1. I always knew that there were. I'm pretty sure the dutch sent a team too. Remember that Dutch helicopter crew that was captured because they mysteriously landed in country for no apparent reason...

    Its now public though, not sure how it got out. Explains how it went so well for the rebels. Now I'm sitting here watching some chick bitch about how the british and french ignored the "UN resolution". LOL
  2. did america leave libya???
  3. America never openly acknowledged being there...

    Not sure if they even sent any special forces considering who we have in office *facepalm
  4. They said the Dutch helicopter was there to extract Dutch people left in the country.
  5. Yeah but I think it also might have brought in a couple of dutch operators.

    Dutch special forces are some of the most active in the world so I wouldn't doubt it. Plus they always do make a good excuse to go there.
  6. Have any sources for that? As far as I know we don't really get involved in regional conflicts that much.
  7. haha no I have no sources, this is just speculation, I gotta hunch :p

    Well, I know for a fact that dutch special forces work closely with american and nato. So they stay busy.
  8. The Libyan so called "revolution" had the stench of western involvement from the word go...
    The US even sent their creation Al Qaeda to stir it up.

    Gaddafi would not play ball with the West so they got rid of him...
  9. Do we even have special forces? What are they called?

  10. So you'd rather have gaddafi still alive and well? Killing thousands of his own civilians? Bombing them? yeah...thats much better than a rebellion that was helped on a bit by a couple dozens operators.
  11. True, but still I have to say good riddance. However, I fear that whomever will replace him will be even worse. At least Gaddafi looked out for his country and his people, those that didn't speak out against him.
  12. However that is what I love about the Dutch military, they don't get all the publicity that the American does.
  13. See dude:

    Battle honours

    Arakan 1944, Nijmegen 1944, Eindhoven 1944, Vlissingen 1944 and Westkapelle 1944.
    Djokjakarta 1948 and Central Sumatra 1948-1949 [1]
    Bosnia-Herzegovina(1994-2001) Macadonia(2001-2002), Afghanistan (ISAF) 2001-2003 Iraq (SFIR) 2003-2005, Afghanistan (Operation Enduring Freedom) 2005-2006 and (ISAF) 2006-2010

    They stay busy :D
  14. Their recent activities are pretty much confined to Iraq and Afghanistan. I don't believe they were used in Libya. Our government says they weren't. You have to remember that our political climate is VERY different from America's. If it were to be revealed that we've sent troops to fight in Libya, it would be a huge scandal. Probably a big enough scandal to cause the government to fall. We're not used to those kind of lies.

  15. Gaddafi was no angel but what do you think would happen if an uprising started in say Ohio ?
    The US government would do the same if not worse to crush such dissent...

    Agreed Johnny.
    The man was not a saint but as you say he did do an awful lot of good for his people.
    He also helped the IRA during their struggle against the British in Northern Ireland so i will always have a special place in my heart for Muammar al-Gaddafi...

    Provisional Irish Republican Army arms importation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  16. Well, I think its easier to lie, because, as I said, there is hardly any media attention on the Dutch military, and the publicity level is essentially zero.

    But I agree with you, now that I think about it, the government can't really get away with that much covertly.
  17. It's mostly because the government is dependant on many more parties for support. I fully believe that the ruling government would lose the support it depends on from its own coalition and the opposition to continue. The government would fall, like it did a few years ago.

  18. No the US would not put down an "uprising" in that fashion.

    They couldn't even if they wanted to, theres wayy wayy too much media attention in the states. Plus US military is not allowed to operate on US soil.

    Now you like the IRA too? They essentially went around blowing up innocent people who had not a damn thing to do with the conflict, and yes I know it was more complex than that. But still. The IRA were bad. Not saying the British were good, but still...

  19. Yeah your right, in Holland theres the CDA, VVD, PVdA, etc. etc.

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