Turning Yellow when in flower...

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by GrassCharles, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Hi all.

    I have a problem. when my plants are in flowering althought the light is sufficient, the temperature correct normal watering etc etc, they start turning yellow. That happend to my last crop two which was my first but i thought it was because of the fert. In this crop i used just a tiny bit of fert when i started flowering only once. My plants are turning yellow too..

    What is wrong? the plants were looking extremely healthy two weeks after flowering.
  2. plants natrually yellow in the fan leaves after you trigger flowering, u should be fine
  3. Same thing is happening to me right now too...But they are like 2 weeks into flowering. But the tops of the plants are very healthy....hmmmmm just guess ill give em some water and let it go...
  4. the plants will generally become Nitrogen defficent in the latter stages of flowering, like 5-8 weeks, the leaves turn yellow as the plant uses up the nitrogen stored in them, and then discards of them, usually it's the bottom 1/3 of the plant that yellows..........if you feel that it's going N deff too early, add in some Nitrogen, it'll help to slow it down a bit.........Peace out........Sid

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