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  1. Strain = Quick One ( Quick One (by Royal Queen Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain Info )
    from seed; sprouted at 1st of feb so this is 10 weeks old now.

    Under led light 24/7 (80W homebuilt Osram SSL royal blue + hyper red array in a 1:2 ratio)
    I did have some light burn because it was outgrowing my tent and came too close to the leds so I cut the bottom out so the plant could be lowered and is doing fine since.
    This is my second grow; previous one went OK (lowryder - yielded 24gram (dry))

    This quick one is more more hungry in terms of flowering nutes so i had to give her every watering around 600ppm (using bio-bloom) but since the plant is almost ready for harvest I have been giving her just tap water for the last 10 days or so to avoind having fertilizer buildup at harvest. Today my plant is really yellowing up everywhere, with dark spots on the leaved. So deficient in everything it seems.

    Weird thing is now in the last 2 days that my leaf tips at the bud sites are turning purple; which I dont expect since the strain is not purple at all. Is this harming the buds in any way ? should I harvest her now to stop this progressing?

    Yes some leaves are malformed due to early light burn a few weeks before, they have always been bleached white but are now also showing this purple tint.


    Trichome pics show all cloudy but almost no amber ones so I wanted to wait some more days before chopping her. But now with this purple invasion i'm not sure if that is a good idea? also the pistils are not all brown yet. So again harvesting now looks a bit early to me ?

    Trichome shots:

    Any advice welcome;


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