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  1. ...because i am to darn shy and quiet. In my early years i used to be an outgoing,funny kid and had many friends. I giess you could call me "popular".

    When i was in about my freshman year of highschool i started to hangout with "skater". I made really good friends with this kid S and i he was my new bestfriend...me and him did everything together and were basically like brothers.

    So as years go on as good friends he starts to act weird and ignores my calls and then some other friends in our group start to ignore me. I get info from other ppl that he doesnt like me and were no longer friends and hes basically told everyone bad things about me and that i was gay and shiz......fast forward soo now i have like only enough friends to count on my hand.

    Things die off with me and s and were friends now but i dont chill with him...anyways i get a new friend group and ever since that time period. Im a diffrent person, im not funny, the only ppl i hamgout with are the ones in my neighborhood. Im tired of it. Being shy sucks. (espicially with girls)

    I feel like i cant trust anyone and have a huge wall of defense :( i dont know how to let it down...

    Idk if im in right section...i thought philsophy...butt any help on letting that barrier down.
  2. Did you ever ask S what happened? Even if he won't answer you, at least you'll have tried. If he does, you'll know and it may give you some peace of mind. Honestly, I'd recommend that as your first course of action. Once that's done, move on. Forget him and stop caring what people think about you. They're going to think what they want to think no matter what you do, so why waste your time worrying about it?

    Do what makes you happy, and if something doesn't make you happy (such as having a huge wall of defense), then don't do it. If people think you're gay, who cares? The people who care will ask you, and you can set them straight (no pun intended). Realize that the only thing holding you back is you. :)
  3. CKTony I keep running into you doing the same thing I am right about this time of the night....

  4. Dude drop some acid and forget these fools.........
  5. The world works in mysterious ways :p
  6. Thanks cktony....and acid aint my thing man lol

  7. bottom line is you need to not give a shit about what other people think...you have a right to be yourself on this planet....just the way you are....just as much as anybody else...be free and stay lifted
  8. Who cares how many friends who have? Quality> Quantity in the friends dept.

    I try to hang out with certain groups and they just completely mute my personality also. My new approach is going to be to just hang out with the people from those groups that I like instead of trying hanging out with the whole group.

    About your old best friend. people change, sometimes what is satisfying for a long time might become unsatisfying with a change of perspective for an individual.

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