Turning my brain to mush

Discussion in 'General' started by d4rkw0lf, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. Lastnight I orderd an oz of purple mushrooms, and they're gonna be here in an hour!

    I doubt I'll eat the whole thing at once, since I heard this ones are very very potent.

    My posts are gonna be come more useless and pointless.
  2. share!!! haha whered you get em man? off the web? me n poppson are very angry and jealous right now lol
  3. you got mushrooms of the internet? wild.
  4. Dude if you are gettin these on the net, PLEASE pm me the link if they come through
  5. I love mushrooms, are they dried?

    I havnt done mushrooms since my mushroom binge a few months ago, I was another person for a while man.

  6. What the fuck no I don't buy drugs off the internet, I wish though.

    Go get a drug dealer.

    And these shrooms are fucking intense.

    Got 10 /8ths, gave me extra 2 =^^
  7. lol well you said ordered..it seemed like u just ordered some shrooms off the net
  8. Hahah, yeah just funny how the one kids says did you get them from the net, then the next post right after 'you got mushrooms of the internet? wild.' like.........

    yeah they're dried

  9. Well, when you say ordered you give the wrong idea.:rolleyes:
  10. just thought it was cool if you did man... i do have a drug dealer.
  11. im sure you prolly can buy em off the net..haha i know you can get nugs offf the net a bunch of us knwo that here haha
  12. OOhhhh fuck,.

    I ate mushrooms two nights in a row, and then took a day off.

    Lastnight I got so high that I lost my fucking pipe!!!

    My fucking pipe! Some one better fucking have it.

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