Turning my beautiful stands of hair into (even more) beautiful locks of curly orgasmo

Discussion in 'Fashion & Lifestyle Trends' started by Patchy, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. So, I have shoulder lengh hair. Its quite thick and im not really in love with how it is at the moment. I want it to be really nice curly, shaggy hair, like this:



    How would i go about turning rather straight, thick hair into this without using curlers of any other hairdresser shite. I have some styling wax and foam thingy but thats about it. Thanks.
  2. You can make your hair wavy, but not quite curly, by putting the styling wax and foam thing (I assume mousse) into your hair when it's wet, then "scrunching" up your hair basically until it dries. You'll want to turn your head over to get the top too. Just like.. how do I describe scrunching? Like push your hair up from the bottom.
  3. I make my hair shaggy/curly by taking a shower, then twisting small sections around my finger and putting them in a bunch of little buns on the top of my head using elastics, then letting it dry.
    The process looks ridiculous, so it's best to do it just before bed and sleep on it, removing the rubber bands in the morning and brushing it out a little. Ends up looking like the hair in that photo, maybe a little less curly.

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