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Turning Mid Into Dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by restochesto, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. I have an idea. I can get a really good price on brick mids - $50 for a quarter. If I sprinkle this with some nice hash (maybe $30 total), would it hit like dank? Because a quarter of some super good shit goes for $120ish around here, and if I can save $40 by making it,that's awesome.
    I'm considering using iceolator hash, which has the highest THC percentage afaik.

  2. It will still be harsh and dry, and trying to cover up the taste won't hide it once you combust it. Plus you don't know if it has been run through solvents to extract trichomes, since it's a very real thing, or added stuff for weight, ranging from medicines to powders to even worse stuff.
    Better off buying the mids, turning into isohash, then smoking it on the hashish. 
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    No it would smoke like mids mixed with hash. Mid-grade weed doesn't have the same taste and effect that high quality medicine has, and you will be mainly feeling the hash.
  4. Now, I also hardly smoke, super low tolerance (I had .1g of some blue dream once and I was knocked on my ass), so should I just keep the mids as is?
  5. 50 a q on bricked up mids isnt a good price. i dont think it would be worth the time or effort
    Around here some mids usually go for a buck a Q, so I say half off is decent.
  7. ok, well if a q of mids is 100, and the dank is 120 why not just smoke better quality in the first place?
  8. Good point, never really thought of it that way.
    To be honest though it's hard for me to spend MORE money on bud when due to my lack of tolerance I get fucked up any which way possible.
  9. but that just means that dank quarter will last you a long time, longer than the quarter of mids.  So if your tolerance is really that low then you should just spend the extra 20 bucks... it's like the same thing as buying a higher quantity of mids.
  10. Nicotine helps tremendously!
    I'll use resin as an example because it's more or less like mids. But when I smoke resin, I don't feel that high. Insufflate some snuff and next thing I know I've got a very danky high.
  11. Better start puffin' my ecig more. :D
  12. Dr. sheldon cooper is right! Listen to what he says because he is always right.
  13. No, putting hash/oil on mids won't magically turn it into dank.
    It might get you as high as high-mids would get you, but as far as I'm concerned weed isn't dank unless it's cured/flushed properly and doesn't taste like shit.
  14. 120 a 1/4? ouch man, sorry to hear that
  15. Fuck buying mids. If your gunna smoke, save up and buy dank. Even if you don't smoke as frequently.
  16. I just had a better idea than turning mids into dank. Save yourself a step and just cop that loud pack lol

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