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turning lights to 12/12

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Xx_SyNDrOMe_xX, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. i had a look through some of the stickys and i couldnt find the answer for this question.

    If im vegging at 24hrs lights on, then i want to flower.

    If i switch straight to 12/12 will it stun the plants into hermies?

    Should i change to 20/4 then 18/6 then go 12/12???
  2. It all really depends on the plant's genetics. I myself have switched to 12/12 right after 18/6 and have never had a plant hermie. I think it does stress the plant. But not too much to the point where it'll hermie.. :smoke:
  3. i've never had any hermies due to the 12/12 switch directly from 18/6 or 24/0 (and I've done both)
    some people disagree, but the cervantes grow bible says that you should give the plants 24-36 hours of darkness before the 12/12 to send the signal to flower. some people on GC say this is a good way to make them hermie but in my experience, it has resulted in showing sex about 3-5 days earlier and no hermie. again, this is my opinion, from my experience
  4. You can flip straight to 12/12 no worries. Transitioning really won't do anything for the plant -- you won't be simulating nature by transitioning over a few days when nature takes months.

    Some do give an extended dark in an attempt to "kick-start" the flowering hormonal reaction, some believe this works and some don't. The plant will flower whether you do this or not, and giving extended dark will not hermie the plant.
  5. What about plants grown from feminized seeds? I have read that they are more subject to going herm with stress.
  6. If from a reputable breeder then nah, no more likely to hermie than regular seeds of the same strain. I've been growing femmed for years and have never had a hermie or male.
  7. what makes plants hermie, i know stress does, but what form? heat stress only?
  8. The water level in my bubble bucket got too low, woke up the other morning and it was laying over looking all dry. I raised the water level and it has perked up quite a bit in the last 36 hours. Do you think this was too much stress for it? Still a small plant, it was 12 days from germination when this happened, had 2 leaf sets.

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