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Turning Kief Into "Hash"

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by MrWiggles91, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Could I melt my kief the same way some melt their qwiso?

    I just had the thought while I was making some. Just figured I would ask people before I did it. I saw that Hashmouf (sp?) used an iron on tinfoil wrapped kief. Wouldn't just putting some kief on a glass plate in an oven at like 125* do the same thing?
  2. kief has such fine particles, and combusts at a lower temperature than weed, i would never put it in an oven unless it was already pressed. I've heard of people pressing it however, (bottle, pollen press, shoe hash), and then putting it in the oven for a little bit.
  3. you know man i was thinking about this. i broke a pyrex dish recently and got a rather large chunk of glass. cleaned it up and smoothed out the edges, and thought of building a stand to where i could put a candle or heating element of some kind, and have kief on top and somehow make it into hash...
  4. just press it... i think putting it on the glass and heating it up would just vaporize it. it's easier to handle just pressed too, no gooey shit.
  5. there is a method i found a while ago and used. it works pretty good. you need some plastic like you get off of a cig pac or something similar. you drop your kief in it wrap it tight and tape it up. then you wrap it in newspaper and soak the paper. you then drop that into the oven at like 200 degrees for 10-15 mins. after that you press it like crazy for a couple of mins and put in in the fridge for a bit to let cool. its no golden hash but it does work ... let me see if i can find a link to the video
  6. that wasnt hard - here's the link , it starts from trim but ive used this method from my collection and it worked great
  7. my kief is so sticky that simply rollin it between my fingers turns it from amber powder into brown sticky clay like substance try it
  8. Thanks for the advice everyone. Found out a friend has a press that he will let me borrow :)

    Now, in interest of not making another thread, I have another question. If I soak it in simple green, is it safe to use galvanized steel pipe for BHO? I looked in Target, Walmart, Fleet Farm and Menards and NO stainless steel pipes or turkey basters so I just got a $2 tube but I read that galvanized is bad.

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