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Turning Hash into Oil

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by ForrestBurnz, Dec 23, 2011.

  1. I've been scouring the internet searching for a way to turn around an 8th of fine quality hash into ear wax, budder or oil. My girlfriend got me a glass dome slide and i've been meaning to use it form something else. Thank you :wave:
  2. I turn the low-grade portion of my bubble hash into oil. Just add some alcohol, dissolve and pour through a coffee filter. Then let the alcohol evaporate. A fan and heating pad will help. Be careful, don't make a fire.
    ISO works, everclear, etc.

  3. Could I do this with just a gram? or 2 grams?
  4. yes, any amount
  5. Expected yield? and how exactly do i do you're above steps?
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    I can't tell you your yield, not knowing what you have. With good hash you hardly lose anything.
    Break up hash and put in little container
    Pour in alcohol, 5x amount of hash
    Stir until hash is absorbed in alcohol
    Pour some alcohol to wet coffee filter (so it doesn't absorb your oil)
    Pour through coffee filter
    Freeze for at least 2 hours
    Pour alcohol/hash solution through coffee filter again, this time into pyrex or plate (something you can scrape)
    Let it sit until alcohol has evaporated
    Consider heating in oven at 220 for 5-10 mins after alcohol has evaporated. Or sit it in a double boiler.
  7. Wow thanks! I'll be sure to reply back with my results. Thanks again weedmon
  8. you're welcome. good luck.
  9. Yee let's see those results when you're done! QWISO is very is to make with kief.

    My only questions is @weedmon, why do you freeze your iso after you have the kief sitting in it? Seems that just gives the iso time to dissolve small plant particles (since you say you use low quality bubble, which would have a little green material right?)
  10. Oh that was a mistake washed. it was supposed to be filter immediately, then freeze and filter again. The freezing separates some waxes and what not that can come out in the 2nd filtering.
  11. Boom, exactly what I needed to know. Thank you sire.

  12. You're welcome. Thanks for pointing out the mistake the directions. I corrected it in my post above.
  13. Probably fuk him up Damn lol.
  14. So lil update for ya.

    just letting the iso/oil mix sit under my kitchen fan and evaporate. hopefully this will work!

  15. Nice, can't wait for the smoke report!
  16. Sooooo...
  17. ok so i was reeeeaallllyyy fucked up last night and i managed to fall asleep while it was evaporating. Woke up this morning and the shit looks PEARL. Im heating the oven up now for the 5-10 minutes and then I'll scrape it off nd record a video of the hit.
  18. Never knew this shit was so hard to scrape off!
  19. Heat it up a bit and its easier.
  20. Shouldn't be very hard to scrape off unless you soaked for too long. Pop it in the freezer and it should come off like little shards.

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