turning grinder keif to something worthwhile.

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  1. So here's a little tech I've been using with success turning grinder keif and farmers keif to something memorable. I'm gonna list the supplies and steps for small amounts of grinder hash. Just increase container size for larger amounts.
    Grinder keif ( my grinder holds about 5 grams keif)
    Rocks glass
    4-6 ice cubes
    butter knife
    unbleached coffee filter
    Aeroserve permanent espresso filter ( i use this brand as they are 60 micron)
    2nd rocks glass 3/4 full of water
    Turkey baster

    1. Fill empty rocks glass 1/2 full of water
    2 add kief
    3 crush 2 ice cubes and a
    dd to glass
    4 stir with butter knife for 5 minutes
    5 add more crushed ice
    6 let sit for 15 minutes occasionally lightly stirring keif off sides
    7 let sit undisturbed for extra 5 minutes
    8. Use turkey blaster to remove half water.
    9 wipe inside up cup sides with towel to remove anything on sides
    10. Drain rest of cup thru unbleached coffee filter
    11. Place espresso filter over rocks glass
    12 place hash from coffee filter into espresso filter
    13 pour glass of water over filter slowly
    14 empty bottom glass and repeat 2x
    15. Take good product off espresso filter
    16. Dry in cold room low humidity with fan for 3 hours
    17 break up into powder or small pieces
    18 finish drying and enjoy

    I have used this method 10 times so far and have gotten dabble results 7 times
    other 3 times had 3/4 melt (still much better then original)
    Its just a slight variation on the common gravity tech but the results are great
  2. Here's a shot of the little bit I have left from last time.
    Should be doing a larger batch today or tommorow will take pics of whole process 20141025_204513.jpg 20141025_204513.jpg
  3. Or. Just smoke keif bowls.
  4. I think kief burns better than hash in a joint or in a pipe on a plain or in the rain.

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