Turning a mother plant??

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  1. Has anyboby ever put mother plant through the bloom cycle???It seem a shame to just throw her away...She has a lot of tops that could be very nice colas....IDK its just a thought...think I'm goin to do it....lol i love experiments..
  2. Hey man. Yeah. I'm putting mine through flower right now.
    She is looking strong.
    I have had to too a few branches from the lower stem. Just to try and push up those colas.

    2nd week of budding, ill post some pics of the canopy....

    My internets a bit slow so I can't post pics. But I. Just pulling down he heads as they appear kind if lst. But on a tree and I have about 10. 15. Points at the top of my canopy.

    Experiment for me too so ill let you know how it goes.
  3. Im interested..I have six I want to try this with
  4. SUP "F L" ?I had a feeling that she would turn just....That's what's up..my mom Is very very big...about 6ft...she going in the bloom room pronto : ) .. thanks keep me posted..you just ran ur nutes the as always?let me know...
  5. My mum is about 5 ft. I have pretty much lollipopped the lower stems as the canopy is huge!!! I have about 25 bud points on my canopy haha.

    I grow organiclly under lights man. So no nutes. Just molasses last two weeks of flower.
  6. I grow inside too under hps in veg room an bloom room..I can understand why you cut her up like a lolipop...Going to have to do that to my mum too..Can't wait to see end results..What's with the mollassas..Opps lolol..what's that do??
  7. It feels bad tossing them, but a lot of times I just don't have the space to use all my mother plants. By the time I'm finished with them they have are root bound, far too tall without any real branching (on account of all the clones, and such), so blooming them usually turns into very tall plants with a short canopy with lots of wasted vertical space.

    However I have had some real successful harvests where I take clones from the tops of the plants, leaving the lower branching sites intact, and then using LST on those branches to create a very compact bushy plant.

    I would have to say it's a case by case basis, if I have the space there's no reason not to, but if I know that I can use the space more efficiently I will.
  8. Hey man. The molasses activates to bio organisims in the soil. Just giving them a much needed feed. The feed on the sugars and in turn create nutrients in the soil. (I'm new to organics so anyone stop me if I'm wrong).
    And also another cool thing about it is it gives the buds a nice sticky sweet flavour. Not overpowering but nice an really organic.
  9. Yeah man. I have gone the other way and lollipopped and now I'm lst the whole top canopy. Lots of big flower points. Not sure how big the colas will be. Oly time will tell :)
  10. Is molassas the same as "Botiancare Sweet"?It to Is a natural mineral supplementSounds like they do the same thing.I think they different favours..
  11. Holy shit man I only just learnt now of this botanic are sweet. Grape?!? What the fuck. That's awesome. I guess it is man.
    Except I can buy it from the supermarket for about $2 as long as it has no sulphur in it.

    And it's all natural. Made from sugar cane
  12. I use the botianicare full line of products they very good never had one problem...very good stuff.pro. bloom, pure blend,pure blend grow..contains everything your plants need from start to finish and of course "sweet" added last 3 weeks of bloom...can buy online very good price about 1/4 of price in store..
  13. I would like to try molassas..might good an get some u say no sulfur only..?
  14. Yeah man. Unsulphred blackstrap molasses. http://www.whfoods.com/genpage.php?dbid=118&tname=foodspice

    It's the last of the sugarcane. The thickest black stuff.

    I use about a tbl spoon per gallon if water.

    Just make sure you dissolve to molasses with a little bit if boiling water or you will struggle later with the cold water. Ya know. Lolike get all clumpy and gross.
  15. Lol sounds like a lot of work...sweet about $7-$8...but if needed 2 bucks for molassas Is a Golden tip!thank you. now I want to taste this molassas mix ...bet it Is very dank..the grape sweet Is that way...
  16. No more work than mixing nutes man :). But having said that, I know I have been all organic but after hearing about grape grow. I'm going to go get some today.
  17. Its well worth it best of luck.If you mix with say "GDP"an grape sweet u get "SUPER GRANDDADDY PURPLE"...i only grow purple my fav. Love the way its purple hairs an purple colas..there r many strains..I'm growing Blue Dream an SUPER GDP ..blue dream Is blue colas..crazy..
  18. Hey guys. So the latest update on turning the mother plant. She was doing really really well nice thick canopy and heaps of nice healthy looking colas.

    Bang!!!!!!! And she turns herm.
    Fuck my life. Now I'm back to a 3 week ok clone that is in need of some lst.
    I didn't even get a chance to taste the grape grow stuff.

    :( I think I'll go cry and smoke my prem, herm bud.

    No love. Deserved. Fail.
  19. Well that sucks the big one...Howed that happen u got a light leak n ur room?or was it to much of a shock?sorry to hear that mine Is just startn to flower...
  20. Yeah. I had timer fail. I thought it would be ok. But it ended up being on for 42 hours.
    Someone told me I go back to 12/12 straight away but I think I should of just let it reveg and then start flowering again.
    But ain't no one got time for that shit. Haha.

    Anyway. How's your little lady looking man??

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