Turning a grinder upside down=lose kief?

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  1. Does turning your grinder (I have a sharpstone) upside down while grinding, in order to get a finer grind, make your kief fall back through the filter? I don't wanna lose my kief cache!
  2. tape a piece of paper idk if you will loose it or not ..
  3. when you grind up your bud when the bud is still in there and ground up. Give it a few good taps on a table or a hard surface and it will knock a lot of the crystals off that you can collect... then take a brush to your kief and throw it in a shot glass or a glass jar or soemthing.
  4. You do realize that any kief that falls back through is probably gonna fall back through again when you flip it over... if it doesn't; who the fuck cares, not much is gonna sneak through if any and it's not like it's magically floating off in wonderland, haha, it's still in the damn grinder.
  5. do you want to know what i did? fuck the kief catcher. i took out the screen section of my 4 piece grinder and now its a 3 piece. all the kief and bud fall together so i don't lose any kief thus making me go to the andromeda galaxy more often :smoke:

  6. Thats what i always do with my busters. That screen gets annoying after a while
  7. I've never had issues with "losing" kief while grinding upside down to get vape consistency budskies. Just make sure you tap it quite a bit and be careful removing the top lid as some kief will be stuck between the 1st and 2nd parts of the grinder.
  8. Kief, aka trichomes, doesn't "fall off" it is really sticky and you can punch your lowest chamber full of kief from above and none will fall, if your kief is loose and flying all over you probably have more plant material than kief
  9. yeah i smack my grinder on the ttable and in my hand in kinda a downwards sideways motion. or if you just rub your fingers arond on the bud for like 5 mins youll have an assload of keif, so you dont really gotta worry bout POSSIBLY losing like a few chromes out of the million you have stored down there
  10. Not really.

    I have a tiny sharpstone grinder, and I don't lose keif like that. If anything, it would stick to the bottom of the screen and get knocked back down into the keif tray.
  11. Naw man saving kief is nice, it's good to place some kief topping on your bowl every now and then :) !
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    Want to hear a great idea to ensure your kief doesnt fall back through?


    That was a tough one eh?:rolleyes:
  13. just take the top two pices of the grinder and grind your bud with out the bottom two pices wile its up side down then dump the bud that you just ground into the screen pice so you can get you kief from the budz you just ground up
  14. I've grinded the shit out of water leaves filled several standard sized pill bottles.
  15. Taking the kief collector off is an obvious and great solution. Thanks!

  16. hahaha i know, but for now it's fun getting more baked because i'm not in a position to smoke everyday for the next month so i'd much rather just get super baked.

    but it's just an idea
  18. Ahaha bravo! You sir, had the best possible solution by far. Ahaha
    If you're grinding upside down just take the damn kief catcher off. GENIUS. :D
    OMG can't say it better :)
    Gah, this seemed so obvious, surprised I didn't think of it :p . As it is I had navigated over here to see about solving my need for a slightly finer grind plus the fear of losing my kief and not being sure what to do.
    I had been wondering how 2-way that kief screen is though, because while the top two pieces have that spiffy magnet, screwing and unscrewing the main part all the time (presuming you bother to put it back together each time) can get a little annoying I would think. So yeah just holding it upside down sounds nice, but just dumping it into the kief tray half after sounds nicer.
    I will admit though even then I find myself nervouse to tip the kief screen part to dump it into something else, again, at risk the kief will fall out, so hopefully once it gets in there it still does stay in there :)

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