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Turned out great.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nukeemnate, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. So today after school me and my boys were looking to get blazed but none of us had bud and i wasnt picking up until tommorow, but amizingly my friend finds a dime bag of trainwreck in the backseat so we were like fuck yeahh...and then im like shit i forgot my bong(i always supply the bong) so were like noooo but then my friend pulls out a swisher sweet.. and still every1s like fuck no one can roll...

    im like let me see it i think i can . i began to cut it open nervous as fuck becuz i didnt wanna break it . i begin greaking up the weed with my fingers and packing it then i lick it and roll it closed i was like dam its gonna suck ..but we started passing it around out of like 5 ppl and every1 got high my first time even thinkig about rolling and i rolled a good 1.

    it burned pretty quick but stillwe got high as fuc and were all noobies 2.
  2. Cool man, I've been in a similar situation. My first roll was to be used in a blunt-bong (attach a blunt to a homemade water bottle bong, ghetto, but RIPS hard as shit) and it turned out perfect.

    Recently me and some friends were looking for a glass spoon that one kid's older brother had stashed somewhere in the house. We opened up a cabinet to find an unopened pack of vanilla games and a bag of shake. Nobody but me had ever attempted to roll before, so I skinned one up. The first blunt ripped because they were stale, but the second one stuck beautifully, and got us all ripped.
  3. Nice bro!

    You sound like a good stoner to have around, improvisational skills and all.

    Dont worry about rollin blunts, its hella easy, just gotta practice.

    Blunts are one of the best inventions known to mankind.

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