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  1. Hey my Plants are in Mid Flowering and my buddy came over and decided to turn a light on outside the grow room with the grow room door open to check it out..It was only on for like 2 minutes but I was worried it will have affects on it. This is the only time it has happened. Should I be worried something is gonna happen or do u guys think its ok just as long as it doesnt happen again.. Let me know what u guys think. Thanx Again
  2. You're fine bro. Extended periods of light leak are what you should be worried about
  3. One incident shouldn't be a problem. Don't let it happen again. And don't let anyone, even your "buddies", know about your grow.
  4. Thanx for the info guys.. What do u mean by Light Leak
  5. Ohh man your fine just keep cool and pateint. Next time put your light period on during times you might be showing off or they say those green cfl bulbs wont stress oor hermie your plants to. Dont let little rays of light sneek into your dark room. I like to think of giving my babies so many hours of dark not light. they appreciate their beauty sleep.
  6. I just don't want them to hermit. I mean it is definentely dark in there..u can't see shit unless u look up at the space in top of the room. My second wall didn't go up all the way..it's been almost 2 weeks into flowering and everything is looking good though.
  7. That's a light leak...

    "Kinda" dark isn't good enough. "Pretty" dark isn't good enough. You want total, complete darkness.
  8. Well its completely dark if people keep the stairway light off..sometimes im not home and my brother or whoever leaves the stairway light on like I told them not to and its on for a couple hours. But like i said, its pretty much completely dark in there exept for that. Some light just leaks into the top of the room..but hown where the plants are its still completely dark. Its happened quite a few times but everythnig looks good

  9. Yeah most definatly.

    The hall light...hours.... this all sounds like a nightmare to me. If that light bulb has to be present (remove it if you can) change with a green one. Beat your brothers ass or do the wall right. You dont have to drywall to the ceiling boxes and duct tape work also.
    Just Keep the plants in absolute, complete and total undisturbed darkness always.

    Or try better yet next grow try autoflower.
  10. I just ask people to keep that light off but apparently I gotta just unscrew it so people can't use it..if it turns to a hermie what am I really lookin for cause everything looks straight right now..
  11. You may even still be good to go now depends on the strain and light etc.. if its not much you may be alright. Hermie plants have both sexes on them meaning you will have bud at some nodes and seed sacks at others. Look for the buds closer to the light source and sacks elsewhere. If it Hermied from light stress i heard (TAKE THAT FOR WHAT ITS WORTH) that it doesnt mean the seeds will hermie so you can end up with some good seeds if you choose that route.
  12. Oh, OK, then in that case never mind, I'm sure the plants will understand... :rolleyes:

    If you resolve to live with the fact that you have a light leak then so be it, just understand that you run a risk of ruining your crop. Or, make whatever effort is needed to seal off that light leak. But you can't explain it away as though the reason for the light leak will somehow change the effects it will have on the plants. Any kind of light leak, however it happens, represents a risk.
  13. Im prolly gonna get a green bulb for where that hallway light is.. I wont have to worry about it anymore. Does anyone know what kind of green bulb to get or does it even matter as long as its green.. Thanx again
  14. The cfl bulbs i heard of working are either in the garden section or i have seen then in Home depot and lowesin the cfl light section. try it out and let me know for sure if it works.
  15. A green CFL bulb is not green light, it is a blend of colors that our eyes see as green but the plants can see all the colors. I'm not a big fan of the green light idea, I believe you should just light-proof and leave it dark, but if you do use a green light then it has to be a true green light that emits no other spectra.

    To the OP -- is the some reason you can't light-seal the grow?
  16. [quote name='toastybiz']A green CFL bulb is not green light, it is a blend of colors that our eyes see as green but the plants can see all the colors.

    Thanks for the clarification that makes more sense the a green light bulb. I can also see why your sceptical of it cuz it just seems sortta weird even though in theory it should work. haha i love the term in theory its like saying it should work but i wont risk my plants go ahead and risk yours.

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