turned friend zone into friends with benefits

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  1. i'm not making this post to complain. but everyone here told me that the girl that friend zoned me would never have sex with me...... well they were wrong. I had sex with her the other night and will again tonight and we are still friends and talk all the time....... but she doesn't want to date, probably cus she also likes some other dude.

    it is kind of weird though and she admits it. we do everything that couples do. I just don't meet her to have sex. we also go out to eat, tonight i'm going to a club with her, she likes talking to me, we talk everyday, she likes having sex with me......but she doesn't want to date me.....

    she says cus she's been hurt before and she likes some other dude too.

    i'm thinking this might be better than dating anyways, she probably wouldn't make a good long term girlfriend.

  2. Dude. If you want her to be your girlfriend. JUST FUCK HER AND DIP. Every single damn time. Act like you don't give a flying fuck. Trust me. It works Everytime
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    shes playin ya buoy

    unless you seriously tighten your belt up and show her whos really handlin shes gonna dip on ya

    cause when a female REALLY likes you, shes want you for herself and only herself and she wont stop till she has you..

    edit:but it sure is progress from where you were at lol
  4. On women with daddy issues it sure does
  5. OP it sounds like you have a good time. But FWB don't always have to be together. I'd say after you smash tonight, just take a day to yourself. You don't have to be up under her and always there when she needs you. Thats what a BF is for. You're not her BF so stop acting like it.

    And when you're at the club to night. Dance with other chicks. Don't be baby sitting her all night to she where shes at. And if you know shes coming home with you then don't worry about who shes dancing with or anything like that.

    Gotta make it seem like you don't need her and I bet she'll fall in love with you.
  6. if you fucked her right you would of been dating by now. lol

    But congrates OP. Just make sure u dont get too attached cause she already made it clear to you that shes not going to.
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    well she really likes sex...... she was crazy loud when I was fucking her the other night and she likes talking dirty.... she also has sex toys, dildos etc. she has more experience than me so I probably wasn't that great.

    before she told me she likes me but she likes the other dude more and has known him for 3 years. he is not here now but she invites him here once a month or something like that.....

    I don't even know if I want her as a girlfriend if she's like this.....

    I don't really know what will happen. maybe she'll start liking me more who knows but right now I don't mind having sex with her it's fun.

    I do kind of treat her like a girlfriend too and she does too......

    like after having sex she was cuddling with me and she always hugs me for a long time when I drop her off......

    i don't know wtf is going on. this doesn't look like a strict friends with benefits situation.

  8. Stop cuddling after lol. Please don't treat her like a GF if you don't even think you wanna be with her in that way anymore. You don't gotta treat her wrong, but just treat her like you don't need her. Treat her like she needs you. Fuck the shit outta her and don't cuddle.
  9. dude yummybud i am proud of you lol
  10. So you're her boytoy, until Prince Charming comes home to kiss the Sleeping Beauty.

    Nice, I guess..... If that's what you want, of course.
  11. ^better then being forever alone.
  12. yes it is. man im still suprised. yummybudhas made some progress. i am so fuckin proud of this kid now :D
  13. Well, if it was me...I'd just give my finger a sniff before slipping her the sausage...
  14. OMG, dude....

    I can't even...

  15. What?
  16. OP do you want this girl to be your girlfriend? I think that is a pretty big factor in this whole scenario
  17. I can't believe yummy bud had sex...
  18. You're going to get more sexually experienced regardless :)
  19. Hate to be the caboose on that train bro.
  20. I know this type, evil, pure selfishness. You better take control before you get burned.

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