Turn your bic into a laser lighter!

Discussion in 'General' started by LoveOfTheNug, May 20, 2010.

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  2. Meh, as cool as it sounds - and trust me, I've actually wanted something like this since I was little - I would never do it.

    The room for error is just too small, you could easily blind yourself trying to light a cigarette.

    Anyway, it's still cool.

    I want a laser that will tear through human flesh like a blaster from star wars though.
  3. Kinda cool, Kipkay is kinda nuts though...

    Wonder how that would work to light a bowl and stuff :smoke:
  4. FAKE but it is a convincing fake at that. nice find ill belive it if u do it but i seen that trick beafore.

  5. Not at all man. This guys in DIY magazine and has hundreds of other videos. He even gets paid for them on metacafe.com...
  6. I think the fact he can get Bics for a dollar is more mind blowing than turning one into a laser.

  7. ill take that back then. but i still would like to see it made by someone else. idk i have seen some stuff that cant be possable and then had people try to tell me its real. but for respect matters to the guy making it ill belive.
  8. Wow, welcome to the 21st Century, pal. How you likin' them cordless phones and shit, too?

  9. wow slow down there this majik box infront of me is scary. i just didnt know star wars was based on real events smart ass.
  10. I'm in search for the kind that can blow up a planet myself.
  11. It's true, I just smoked some g-space kush on the death star. Don't mess with us, or we'll blow up Earth. :devious:

  12. You've never had one????

    Man come over some time and you can play with mine.

    Oh and the last time I used it i sliced off the back half of a plane. There's a documentary about the lives of the passengers. I think its called LOST.
  13. So, is this just your way of telling us that you don't know shit about lasers, then. Fair enough.
  14. I saw one on how to convert a regular laser pointer into a burning one. The instructions were much more simple

  15. no its my way of telling you that i dont think the fcc fda fcc who ever controles this would let shit like this hit the market or allow people to do it in thier homes. so think about that and stop acting hi and mighty if i wanna think smurf are real who the fuck are you to ttell me im wrong i just said i dont think its real. so fuck off:poke:

  16. Kinda like how the DEA makes sure no drugs get into the country?

    Anyway, its real and legal. If you buy it its expensive as hell so you might as well make it yourself

    Red, Blue, Green Laser Pointer and Torch Flashlight - Wicked Lasers

    And seriously calm down dude

  17. sorry to the op and peaopl,e im bitching at its been almost 24 hours since i had a cig and it sux everything is setting me off ill explain what i mean a little more calm. I DONT BELIVE EVERYTHING I READ ON THE INTERWEB. when i see it with my own eyes then ill say i bealive it untill then i say its possable but i dont think anyone on gc will realy make one.
  18. Quitting sucks. I recently had to do that.

    If you want proof, I've been meaning to make one. I'll post a vid when I do. You can already find some on YouTube

  19. when u make it send me the link.

  20. some prick just gave me -rep and his comment was "stop voicing you opinion" then he said "everything u think is bbullshit" ha what a loser

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