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Turn these to blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Saul Goodman, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. So I have these little mini cigars, and I was wondering if I could easily turn them to blunts without fucking em up.

    Here is some pics.

    Attached Files:

  2. If you are good at rolling blunts then yeah lol
  3. you can, but you better be an expert blunt roller, its REAL hard to roll blunts with those...
  4. if you can figure out how to gut it without cutting the wrap then.. yes..

    i mean i know i could do it if i NEEDED to.. a lot of trouble for a pretty light blunt man..
  5. How tough is it? What should I know before hand?
  6. Try it. What have you got to lose?
  7. I guess I have nothing to lose, really. Just tobacco and time haha.
  8. try to gut the blunt without splitting the wrap and filling it like that..

    otherwise do it like you would a dutch and be very careful.. lol
  9. Ionno what a dutch is. :confused:

  10. haha plus rep for screen name. Breaking bad is the best show ever
  11. a cigar, or in this case a mini cigar
  12. how do you not know what a dutch is????? anywho...moisten the cigar not to much though follow the line on the leaf to the end that it unrolls from then un ravel it...moisten the inside of the leaf set aside....tear off cancer strip @ bottom of cigar (if there is one) find line all the way down cigar n slice it ( i use fingers but not easy for beginner) fill, roll inside paper, angle leaf and re-roll like u unrolled it...practice makes perfect....if you wanna split it like a philly which i DONT USE (only dutches) just split it empty it and re-roll it.....i hate that way too much b.s. ((the cigar in the pic farthest from the pen should unroll from the mouthpiece))
  13. A dutch a popular blunt that people wrap..

    Most people start out trying to roll a dutch then eventually move up to wraps or just stay at a dutch or w/e..

    I would say just go out and buy a dutch if you wanna get into rolling.. I highly doubt you will get what your looking for out of that if you have never rolled before man..
  14. damn that's gonna be a light-ass blunt
  15. what makes you say that? i can roll a swisher way better than i can roll a dutch even though ive been rolling dutches way longer
  16. Just use a paper clip and try to scrap out the tobacco without poking a hole through the paper....that or if you feel confident about your rolling techniques just cut a line down the cigar and take out the tobacco then re-roll it with the weed in it lol.
  17. ya... i mean it couldnt be any harder than a swisher right?

  18. Totes McGotes
  19. no, they are much different. they are thinner, Much, which makes them alot harder to roll
  20. You could roll joints that fat.

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