Turn on your tv..

Discussion in 'General' started by P to the enguin, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. ...and what channel is it on?

    mine is on ESPN and they are talkin about Florida vs Alabama. hah
  2. E! I was watching rich kids that kill

    Now Scary Movie is on:eek:
  3. That 70s show
  4. HBO...temple grandin is on again
  5. that channel which you use to play dem violent video games
  6. the first Scary Movie is the best. imo they get worse and worse. its so dumb i laugh. lol
  7. haha luckily its the one that's on
  8. The 2nd is my fav
  9. Im watching ESPN sportscenter
  10. CNBC, I'm a nerd.
  11. OWN.
    because I AM OPRAH
  12. Comedy Central, cause I don't think I've even watched tv (on tv) since season 14 of South Park was on. If I want to watch tv shows or movies or anything of that nature I will use my computer, my computer monitor is bigger anyway.
  13. Discovery...and American Choppers is on...........:smoke::smoke::smoke:

    Bama's gonna whoop that ass.

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